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I just thought that I'd let you guys know that my local CBS news station up here in Northern Michigan ran a story about the proposed theme park in Crawford County, Michigan. Apparently the city council met last night and approved the sale of land to the company that is interested in developing the park.

According to the story, the proposed park would be 1800 acres and would cost approximately 160 million dollars to build. The park is apparently supposed to be indoors and will feature roller coasters, other amusement rides, and a shopping complex. It is supposed to employ about 2000 workers year round. The proposed opening date of the park is in 2010.

I know that the validity of this story has been questioned in the past, but there is apparently some truth to it.

It will be interesting to see what happens from here on out. I have to admit that I'm hoping to see a successful park in the area in the future. I only live about 80 miles from the proposed site and it would be nice to be so close to a park. In addition, my parents own a cabin that is only about a 20 minute drive from the proposed site.

Obviously this is not a sure thing, but it is an interesting possibility.

1800 acres? Sounds a bit large...

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Sorry for starting this thread. I was looking to see if one had already been started on this topic. Somehow I missed the other thread until right after I posted.

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And actually only about 700 of the approximate 2000 total jobs will be year around.

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