New name for voodoo at dorney park.

OK, I must be the odd man out, but I like it.

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
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If I didn't know that Gonch was near my age, I would swear he was the very same english teacher I would shoot paper wads at as we were grilled to identify parts of speech. :)

What?!?!?!? We don't have accents in Ohio...

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There is also a waterslide named voodoo at a waterpark in New orleans.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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I think the name is hot. ;)

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How many other coasters are named with past participles? Corkscrewed? Dominated? Big Dipped? Led Zeppelined? And currently "closed for the season" in Vegas: Sped - The Ridden! :)

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I sure hope Cedar Fair doesn't drop the ball this time. If they don't protect the name this time, they might end up having to call it the Dispossessed.

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They should have renamed it "Flight Deck!"

[ducks to avoid flying vegetables]

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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How about a name which somehow insults Discovery Kingdom? Think they could get away with 'V3: Vertical Velocity Voodoo'?

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^Flight Deck at least makes a little more sense for a *launched* invert...rarely do jets take off from aircraft carriers that have lifthills... ;)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

So if CF ends up moving the ride to another park, does it become "Repossessed?"

Ensign Smith said:
I sure hope Cedar Fair doesn't drop the ball this time. If they don't protect the name this time, they might end up having to call it the Dispossessed.

Or Repossessed!

Yeah, that was a better one. :)

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Sometimes I can't believe that the same company that came up with names like Magnum XL 200, Raptor, and Mean Streak can possibly have lost so much creativity. Flight Deck was horrid, Drop Tower was just plain lazy and now Possessed. The Possession would have been better. Hell re-using names they already own would've been better. Why not call this ride Wicked Twister or Raptor and the Flight Decks should've been named Patriot. Drop Tower - Power Tower or Perilous Plunge.

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The funny thing about the names is that otherwise, the company's creative people really have raised their game. Halloweekends attractions are well themed, signage is more beautiful than ever (can we get one for Magnum, please?) and even their print work looks nice. I'm not fond of the consistent logos, but otherwise the P&D folks do a good job. So do they not have control of the names?

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Thinking about it, how can Six Flags register the name Voodoo as a trademark? It's a religion, it's part of the title of a Rolling Stones album, it's the name of a maker of high-end computers, it's been used in the titles of songs and movies for decades, etc.

What next-- the Lutheran Looper? Wiccan Twister? Pope John Paul II Coaster (commonly known as PJP2 among enthusiasts)? Or the new water coaster-- "Immersion."

They are registering the name for an amusement park ride, not the name as a whole.

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Yep. When registering a trademark or service mark, one must specifying what the product or service is being offered. I pretty sure it's up to the trademark office to determine if the product one is registering for infringes on any trademarks of the same name.

Therefore the Voodoo ride at Six Flags isn't a big deal going up against Voodoo computers, because they are two different things and can't be confused. Voodoo roller coaster at a Cedar Fair park and Voodoo ride at a Six Flags park, on the other hand, could be somewhat confused (I suppose). Cedar Fair should have attempted to register the trademark so they would have know the reason it would have been denied, then they wouldn't have ever named the ride Voodoo.

I personally know from a very recent experience, register your trademark as soon as possible. Do not wait.

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You don't have to register a trademark to make it enforceable, though it certainly makes it easier to defend if you do. Trademark law exists to prevent confusion in the marketplace over a product. That's why you can have a Magnum roller coaster, guns and condoms, and they're all trademarks. If Cedar Fair has a Voodoo ride and Six Flags already did, then Six Flags has a case and CF would be stupid to pursue it.

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