NEW Mouse Trap Game features a Roller Coaster LOOP

Just saw a Yahoo article which shows a picture of the NEW Revised Mouse Trap game and it features a small roller coaster loop in it. Looks kind of neat. Game unfortunately only available in Europe at this time.

Here is a link to the Yahoo article:-

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I bought the original Mouse Trap for my son a while back (primarily because I wanted to relive my childhood). :) He loves playing it, but the game itself sucks...I just like building the trap. In fact I don't ever remember actually playing the game when I was a kid.

This version looks pretty neat...if it comes to the US I may have to get it just to see what the toilet does.

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I can't remember ever playing it either. I had it, but I'd just built the trap and move on to the next toy.

I don't like the looks of that updated mouse trap game. BOOoooo...

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I don't think anyone played the game. Building the trap was good enough, and didn't require someone else to play.

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It was a game?? LOL I had the original also back in the 60's or 70's (can't remember). I built that sucker right out of the box. Played with it for a week and put it away. My mother sold it at a yard sale in 1981. Wish I had held onto it.

Mouse Trap was released in 1963 by Ideal Toys. How many remember the sequels - Crazy Clock ('64) and Fish Bait ('65) ? They were similar games with Rube Goldberg contraptions that, like Mouse Trap, worked occasionally.

I loved those games and each Christmas begged my parents for the latest version. They would roll their eyes when they walked through the living room to see me on the floor with all three games set up at once trying over and over to make them go succesfully. Tommy Ernst and I had tried to actually play Mouse Trap but halfway through decided it was lame and like everyone else, apparently, jumped on ahead to the good part!

Think there used to be a bathtub where the toilet now is if I remember correctly! I loved building the trap. My sister and I tried to play it once and the game was really boring. Also the slightest movement would set off the trap and would have to reset it dozens of times. Don't think we ever made it through a whole game.

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I think I played the game through once out of guilt. Dang Catholic upbringing!

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