New LEGO Looping Roller Coaster

I wasn't crazy about the last LEGO Roller Coaster. (#10261) It finally retired after nearly four years on the market. This new one looks great. I hope this one holds together better.

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Only 1 train? Looks like a capacity nightmare. Sucks.

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I really liked the last the roller coaster. I build it probably once a year. This one is a no-brainer. I mean, Karen died her hair blue. Take my money, please!

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  • Lousy capacity due to one train with three cars and only one rider per car.
  • Elevator lift is likely going to be a reliability issue.
  • No banked turns.
  • The entry into the second loop looks terrible.
  • Both loops look too small for the speed, so intensity will result in extreme discomfort.

Yeah, it should still be > Rip Ride Rockit.

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Poorly designed loading platform slope vs. train position will surely be an injury lawyer's dream.

The first coaster didn't have enough blocks so they could only run one train at a time anyway. They had two trains so the second train could be in rehab while the other train is in operation.

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I have the old one and thought it was kind of a boring build. Felt too repetitive building all of the supports. This one I'm not too crazy about the look or the realism and I'll probably skip it.

But it's okay, I've got the new Technic Ferrari on its way right now and still trying like heck to find the BTTF Delorean!


Take my money, please!

Good thing you don't have to buy gas as your Lego habit is out of control!

So at $400 you could either buy this or buy 4 years worth of Cedar Point passes. How does that make sense?

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"Loop Coaster 10303 looks too intense for me"

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At least the station has a roof.

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So at $400 you could either buy this or buy 4 years worth of Cedar Point passes. How does that make sense?

I spent $350 for a ticket to see Garbage and Tears For Fears and flew a thousand miles for the show. If you're looking for logic on what I find valuable, you'll be looking a very long time.

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Plus with this, Jeff can decide for himself if it's actually windy enough to stop operation.


At least the station has a roof.

There's no money in the budget for Lego sunscreen or caps, so they had to go with the roof.


If you're looking for logic on what I find valuable, you'll be looking a very long time.

My two sentences were not connected. The 2nd sentence was just another example of how stupid cheap (i.e. underpriced) the Cedar Point passes are.

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I still think the K'NEX Screamin' Serpent was the best working model coaster kit. I bought three sets when I was a kid and was able to build a track that completely wrapped around my room along the walls. You can find all kinds of cool models on YouTube.

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Funny you mention that, because Simon pulled ours out of storage for the first time in many years, so many that he was able to build it himself and I didn't have to!

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Hmm. Not an Arrow, but if the track was designed differently you could call it a cross between Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain and Shockwave...

No seriously, why not a good ole' fashion out and back from Lego...

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You can get that from CoasterDynamix.

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Once K'nex started to focus on the micro coaster models, I started to lose interest.

The original K'nex coaster....either spiral or loop was a fantastic build.

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