New Kennywood Ride on TV

I caught a brief glimpse of KW's new ride on the news tonight. It looked like a combination of a spinning ride like a Chaos connected to a coaster type rail, in a configuration kind of like a skateboard ramp (high on the ends) ... back and forth, while the giant circular tub spins the whole time.

Anyone have any info/details? I tried a search with negative results (I could have sworn I saw a post a while back about KW taking out their Flying Carpet and putting in something else) but couldn't find it.

It's called a Disk O. Their made by Zamprella.
Zamperla Disk-O.

Anyone know if the Kennywood ride is the standard version or of it's the "Disk-O Coaster"?

Thank you. Upon snooping on some local news sites, I found it. They referred to it as a "Mega Disk O" if that helps you identify the model.
It's a combination of a Mega Disk'O track and a standard Disk'O vehicle.
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You're saying KW's has the *hump* in the middle a la Avatar? I thought this was *just* a bigger RAMP? I could be mistaken.....again.... ;)
Nope gator, there's no hump. It has a higher ramp, but the vehicle is the standard Disk'O capacity of twenty-four (it normally comes with thirty-six passenger capacity).
Where is this ride located in the park? Did it replace something?
It replaced the Magic Carpet.
And Kennywood calls it the Cosmic Chaos. Their web site has a lot of info, and it looks like a lot of fun.
Magic Carpet!?! NOOOOO!!!
Well, you can always travel to Busch Gardens Europe and ride theirs called DaVininchi's Cradle.
The Carpet was becoming a maintainence nightmare at KW and was down much of the 2006 season.

BGEs Italy section with its DiVinci's Garden of Invention was a welcome addition back in the early 80s because it gave the park some greatly needed flat rides. BGE, of course is much more than rides and my parents enjoyed the park even though they only went on two rides. The shows, the atmosphere, and the theming was what did it.

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