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I was going to do a TR, but thought I'd just give my impressions on the new Incredible Hulk. I was able to ride last night.

  • The new night lighting of the track is awesome.
  • My *favorite* new effect is the Hulk roar at every launch
  • The tire launch mechanism is still there
  • The interior of the launch tube is riddled with these circular LED's. Nice, but a sensory overload. No more "I think...I think this time it's going to work...."
  • The cobra roll is much smoother, other than that everything feels identical
  • The station has the same layout - but very modernized. They have nice new flat screens and this awesome lighting effect in the center of the station. I have never seen an Incredible Hulk movie or TV show so I am not sure what it's supposed to be. The gross bubble tubes are replaced with rotating DNA.
  • The trains are nice, the front reminds me of the Ford Focus with the LED headlights
  • Much quieter now....not Talon quiet, but the deafening roar is gone. Muted Hulk will take some getting used to.

Overall, nice changes, but nothing ground breaking.

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Nice report! Was this a team member preview or soft opening to guests? As soon as soft opens begin, I will likely head that way after work one night and hope to get a ride.

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It was open to the public as of today, and Express access was only for resort guests, according to Mako madness, or whatever they are called now.

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It was the soft opening. We thought they were just doing testing and wandered in the queue.

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Had an invite for the 4:30am shindig yesterday, but couldn't get off work with short notice. And I totally despise anything that happens before sunrise.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Unless it's on the before-bed side of the day, am I right?

The word is out around town it has reopened. I went out there last night after work and it was a solid hour wait all night. I passed on the wait, but the new trains with the headlights are pretty cool. Other than hour waits for both Hulk and Kong, I got near walk ons for Dragons, Mummy, and some of the other stuff.

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It's not really the word around town, they announced it. :)

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