New Holiday World CEO Lays Out Vision

I apologise if this should be within the same thread I already started, but this is a NEW article put out with an interview of Matt himself. If you click on the highlighted part of the top of the story "the part in the black background" it takes you to a short clip of Matt speaking about future plans to extend their reaches beyond a regional park. Feel freel to combine this with the other thread if necessary!

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What video software is needed to play the video. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 doesn't have what ever is necessary. (I have java)

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It's actually just an audio clip. It wouldn't play on my iPhone either so I had to use my laptop. Your really not missing tons though its less than one min long.

Interesting. I had a feeling something of the sort had to have occured in order for the president/CEO to no longer be a Koch. As long as the park is run the same and Will's vision is continued I'm fine with it.

Lori Koch is in charge now. From what I hear through the rumor mill her (and Will's) kids want to run it one day.

It's still in the family...

Side note: I know from personal experience that Matt Eckert taking over in place of Dan Koch is a very very good thing. I'll leave it at that.

This makes me VERY VERY happy to hear! I will say though I really didn't see any thing to make me think that Dan would have done a bad job either. Basically it was just concern from me over MY PERSONAL "happiest place on earth"

Here is another article from the local Evansville Courier & Press website. Doesn't really mention much more than the one from the Spencer County Journal, BUT it does show you some comments from the general public and their thoughts on the whole thing. Thought someone may be interested.

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