New here.

I am the writer of The Roller Coaster Blog, and wanted to come here to talk about what i love, the Amusement industry! along with promoting my blog. I started it as of july 2012, and only have 4 likes on the facebook page, it would be great if I could get that up to atleast 10 by the end of the month, every day I post something new about this industry and my opinions about things.

Good luck, man. :)

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"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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Hey everybody! Check out my new music on my Soundcloud account! I have THREE songs now! LOL!

We should just make this a topic about promoting the things we do when we're cheating on CoasterBuzz with our free time. LOL!

Welcome to the forums. This, however, is a terrible place to come promote your blog, and if you keep posting blog spam in other people's topics, you'll wear out your welcome with alarming quickness.

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Looks like that welcome wore out.

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He obviously didn't read those threads.

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Closed topic.

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