New GM for SFOT


Steve Calloway was been a wonderful GM at the park, and a good friend to enthusiasts. I think Steve Martindale will do a great job as well. I wasn't able to determine if Calloway is taking someone's place or if SF, Inc. created yet another executive position. Whatever the case, I wish him all the best.

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And to tie it in to the discussion from the other 'new GM' thread, I think the article reads better in terms of making it clear that these promotions are being hand chosen from people who managed to make a positive difference in 2006.

It's a long, slow climb to pull these parks back out of the hole they're in. I still have faith that Red Zone (and more specifically, Shapiro) knows what they're doing.

It almost sounds like a new position to me, but that's just my take. It's not really specified.

Just wondering what would be considered a "special project." It's nice to see somewhat rewarded and promoted for doing a great job at one of the parks, but you hope it's not just a promotion into a glass tower on Madison Avenue.

SF needs its best people in hands on positions.

He's going to oversee the rebranding of SFMW and is going to help make plans for Holiday in the Park events at Fiesta Texas and Marine World in 2007.

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