New general manager at Busch Gardens Williamsburg will focus on guest experience

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As the president of Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA, David Cromwell said he hopes to foster a guest-centered culture at the parks and strengthen their partnerships locally and statewide. Cromwell, 36, was born and raised in San Diego, and has spent his entire career working in theme parks. His first memory of visiting a theme park is from the third grade, when he saw the Shamu killer whale show at SeaWorld.

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To me, it just seems like this is a trend in the industry right now to focus on the best way to give a great overall guest experience, which I think is absolutely fantastic. I feel like in the beginning of the decade, the overall focus in the industry was on building the biggest and "best" rides regardless of how the park was operated and maintained. I'm glad so many park operators and those in leadership positions have realized that nothing is more important than having a good guest experience, especially given the price tag on tickets these days. Shoddy looking grounds and apathetic park operations just aren't going to be tolerated anymore by even the average guest - and I think that's great.

^Well said.

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It seems like "guest experience" should be every theme or amusement park's focus. Back in the late 90s/early 2000s, though, I'd expect to see a headline like:

New general manager at Six Flags will focus on jamming as many f***ing high dollar, big ass rollercoasters into their parks as physics will allow, all within the next year and a half

And that is exactly why places like Holiday World, Kennywood, etc have the reputations they have and Six Flags has the reputation it has - plus stuff like the Worlds of Adventure/Geauga Lake fiasco.

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