New GCI woodie in Germany: Video

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Our friends at GCI have posted this on-ride footage to YouTube. Also on YouTube, this off-ride footage taken from the park's flume. For those looking for more info on this new woodie check out GCI's websitte for stats, layout renderings, etc.

Yes, the ride is called El Toro. No, people won't get it confused with the other El Toro.

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GCI favorite! :)

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I have to say that I'm usually not a GCI fan, but if one ever did blow me away, this would probably be it. I can't think of another GCI with a straight air-hill and then they put 5 or 6 on this ride? Looks tasty!

This must also be the GCI with the least number of crossovers. By my count: 0.

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Love all that low-to-the-ground stuff!

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^^Wow Andy...yer right: looking at the renderings on GCI's site I cant see any crossovers either.

I'm guessing that Prowler will pack a similar pacing punch but with a bit more speed.

Moosh: (never skips a GCI)

Please let all of us know how you felt about Evil Knievel at SFSTl after you rode it.'

Also, be sure to give us all the details on how the ride was when you experience Terminator's opening day at SFMM.

:) :)

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LOL! If you think you're going to get me to admit that I'm not visiting any Six Flags parks this year, you're wrong. Everyone knows how I feel about the chain already.

What, do you have some sort of grievance against Six Flags? I guess I missed that somehow . . . :)

That looks like an inordinate amount of fun. I have dreams about woodies like that: low to the ground, filled with speed, lots of pops of air.

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How odd...I have dreams about woodies too....

Um . . . I think the woodies I dream about are substantially bigger than the ones you dream about. ;)

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I liked their tagline, at the end of the video.....The Real El Toro. I just need to get over there, and ride it, so that I can buy a Real El Toro t-shirt.

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How can it be named El Toro? It's not made out of bits of bull...

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Raven-Phile said:
How can it be named El Toro? It's not made out of bits of bull...

I'm sorry, the answer was leather. Leather.

How can it be named El Toro? It's not made out of leather.

Thanks for coming out to play though... :) ;)


It's definitely cool to see a GCI with a bunch of consecutive bunny hops. The ride is more of an out-and-back than a twister.

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