New, future coaster fan welcomed!

Monday, October 20, 2003 7:53 PM
On October 20th, 2003 at 9:40am Joshua Clay Brown was welcomed into this world in Dayton, Ohio. He is 9lbs. 9oz. and 22" long. And I was there in Coasterbuzz shirt to welcome him as soon as the doc would let me have him. Now only (approx.) 3 years until his first Jr.Gemini experience. Later!
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Monday, October 20, 2003 7:56 PM
Congrats is all I can say

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Monday, October 20, 2003 8:00 PM
Congrats on your new addition to the family Chadley.

"Does Jeff offer Coasterbuzz diapers"? :)

Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

Monday, October 20, 2003 8:04 PM
Congrats! ;)


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Monday, October 20, 2003 8:05 PM
Happy Your Child was Born Today Day! Hope many years of happy coastering with your son are ahead of you!

Some things to remember about 2003 in the Coaster world:

-Cedar Point attempts greatness with TTD, which enters the world with a flurry of mechanical problems

-The 12th Batman: The Ride clone opened

-Hercules is the first "Modern" Wooden Coaster to be demolished (currently without relocation)

-Celebration City, a Night-Time Theme Park opens

-Great America & Great Adventure open 3rd and 4th B&M Flying Coasters.

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Monday, October 20, 2003 8:08 PM
Congratulations Chadley, welcome Joshua....:)

P.S. How DID you fit into his c'buzz shirt? ;)

Monday, October 20, 2003 8:26 PM

I'd like to thank the academy , and my mom , and my fans,and.....oh forget it , I hate you all.

Monday, October 20, 2003 8:40 PM
Between Dill pickles and Donuts, my secret awaits.
Tuesday, October 21, 2003 3:46 AM
Congratulations, and don't worry. A full night's sleep will come again.........someday;)

BTW, nasai.....gesundheit!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003 4:10 AM
Congrats on the new addition to your family.

To get him started on his way to coaster-dom, here are some 1yr b-day present ideas courtesy of step2..

Music in Motion Roller coaster

Up & Down Roller coaster

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 4:49 AM

Chitown said:
"Does Jeff offer Coasterbuzz diapers"? :)

No, but there are bibs, infant T's and bears.

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What time does the water show start?

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 5:06 AM
Big ups to Chadley. We just celebrated the 1st birthday of our little Buzzer and this has been far and away the best year of my life. You have a lot to look forward to.

Perhaps our boys will be teammates at Ohio State! Go future Buckeyes. (UD wouldn't be bad either but my kid better get a scholarship if he is going there.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 6:15 AM
Three would be his first Woodstock Express experience...unless he's kinda tall so the rideop doesn't ask his age.

Don't line him up for his first anticipointment. ;) Put him on Jr. Gemini to celebrate potty training.


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Tuesday, October 21, 2003 6:34 AM
Congrats Chadley!


Gimme speed, height, airtime and plenty of LAUNCH!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003 11:37 AM



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