New flying theater opening 12th october 2017

Not in a park somewhere but as a seperate ride.

Official website

A flight over The Netherlands and let's call it "this is holland", to make more confusion about the name of the country perhaps?

Sofar I have only done Soarin' and Voletarium, only the first of those I kinda liked. I wonder how people will like this standalone version costing a whopping € 16,50 for adults, the 8 minute "flight" is a part of an expierence of 60 minutes in total.

We can handle about 200 people per hour. The Flight Experience accommodates 40 people per flight.

Oh the humanity /s

Ok, being serious, Soarin' at Epcot almost always has a good wait. Are these ride experiences well received in Europe?

This will be the 3rd Flying theatre in Europe, and all opened in 2017.

in Europapark the regular waitingcue was at 75 minutes a lot of the time, of course there you can either choose single rider or timeticket.

The one in Ferrairiland at Salou I haven't visited, but since the park dropped the entranceprice to the park over the summer might indicate that it was lacking in expected visitors.

I think the one in Europapark get very mixed reactions.. I did it in June and Septemmber, in June the picturequality was not good.. in September much sharper image.. but I find the movie too much CGI or film that has been so overprocessed in postedit that to me the "real" feel is gone.

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