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Hey guys and gals, it's time for another update in the land of Animal Kingdom! Sorry about the past incident in the other Everest thread, the whole Mole family is packing up and moving far way from our little Richmond house to Philly, so I've been under some stress, and I should appologize to everyone.

First, the exterior rock work is finnishing up on the bottom 3/4 of the mountain, and the large free standing rock/village that the car goes through is finnishing up with the rockwork. Painting is happening/will happen, and some snow can already be seen on the mountain. Pics at

Second, the ride looks like it is ahead of schedule (knock on wood) and the back part of the train has gone on a pull-through of the ride with the odd hand simulators attached. Pics at

Thridly, Fastpass and the que line are finnishing up and looking very nice. And fourthly, as many will notice in these pics, there are poles sticking up about 30 feet into the air around the huge helix infront of the mountain. These will become "telephone" poles that will act as a sort of fence for bamboo that will be planted next to the helix. When the train goes down the helix, it will disappear into the bamboo and mist. Cool, eh?

More as the news hits the internet!

MKT is my homeboy. (No, really.) He always gets awesome Disney pics. Of course, living in Orlando helps.
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FYI, I'm getting an error on the first link.
So am I...

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.
Those hand simulators are hilarious. I've never seen anything like that before.

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Welcome to Philly. I've been trying to get to Disney for the last 3 years. think I may wait till next year.

..."so many coasters,so little sick time"....
ThemeDesigner, they use those on just about every coaster to test clearances. It ensures that people can't have their hands taken off by a low tunnel. Here's a pic of Millenium Force with the clearance checker

This coaster has to be great. Can't build the world's most expensive roller coaster and have it suck. 100 million! How many Millenium Forces would that build? Anyone have the stats for this ride yet?

In theory those test clearance things work but I know of at least two coasters that did a pull through with those things and they didn't detect any sections where riders could touch anything. Once the coasters finally opened it was found out that riders could touch supports with little to no effort so supports were modified.

The pictures look cool. I doubt I make the trip to AK just to check it out but it does look fun.


I know about Millennium. What's the other one?

Is it me or does that mountain look crazy big?
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IIRC its around [maybe over] 200 feet tall.
It looks crazy cool. I'm delaying my trip to Disney till this monster opens. Knowing Disney the ride will not only be cool looking, the entire surounding will be spectacular.
I don't know if its good for RCT3 to be the program to design this coaster.


i'm not sure what to put here..

Mamoosh said:
IIRC its around [maybe over] 200 feet tall.

199'. Two feet taller than Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the same height as The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.


Structures of 200 feet or taller require airplane warning beacons (the flashy lights).
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Which scare the yetis, and don't go with the Everest theming too well... ;)
Am I dreaming or did we have another discussion last week where we discovered that the coasters highest drop would only be 90'?

If so, my question would be this: Is the entire coaster only 90' tall at it's highest, or is the coaster taller, but the first drop only 90'?

And Juggalotus, don't feel

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It's tallest drop is 80'. I remember seeing somewhere that its lift is closer to 110'.


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Yeah, the ride does go around the mountain a bit before you go down the 80 foot drop, and the backwards part is before the big drop.

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