New Event at SFA

I just got an email about a new event at SFA. At Dusk they will show a movie Space Jam Sherk 2 from the wave pool why you float in your tube. Anyone seen this before. What do you think of this idea? I think its a great idea.


They did it last season. Their bringing it back this season so I guess it was pretty sucessfull. Even if it wasn't successfull, at least their willing to give it another shot unlike some other chains which will remain nameless.

BTW, did you note the park will be open Sept. 24th from 10:30 - 7:00pm. It's mentioned at the bottom of the newsletter. The park was originally closed for a "private event".

-who is waiting for the Baywatch:The Movie to be the feature presentation.

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A day at the park is what you make it!

NRH2O in the Dallas area plays a "Dive In Movie" every Friday during the summer. They show a family-friendly movie on a screen next to wave pool. They usually finish off the season with a screening of Jaws. It's a cool experience, but the sound quality is pretty poor.
I went last year and it was a blast even tho it was rainy. It looks like from their website that they are having 5 nights this year - and sponsored by Coca Cola - thank you Coke. Will be there again. Also, I see on their site that the Electric Brigade from the Navy Academy - they are cool too. I saw them a few years ago in my area and they really are a good band.

They are really putting on some good entertainment this year at SFA. I wish them a lot of luck. The product has improved this year and although it is not perfect, everytime I visit I see more positive things happenin. The other night when the park was closing, they had tons of people dancing on there Main Street - employees and lots of their guests getting into it. Its amazing what a little atmosphere will do for parks.

Got to get to the park!
Ahh more peeps in HH watching movies means shorter lines on the coasters for me.
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Sandcastle in Pittsburgh has a movie every week, but the lame thing is that you can't get Potato Patch fries nor can you go down to the bar and bring back a drink.

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