New England's 2002 coaster created in NoLimits

Posted Wednesday, November 14, 2001 3:26 AM | Contributed by themeparkne

Theme Park New England has created the Six Flags New Engand 2002 coaster in the new NoLimits coaster sim based on the plans posted earlier. See the screenshots and download the track!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2001 3:47 AM
Sorry, but I can't find anything to do with NL on that site. Are those screenshots what they're talking about in this thread?
Wednesday, November 14, 2001 4:00 AM
Were is it, I cant find it.
Wednesday, November 14, 2001 5:33 AM
TPNE is undergoing some changes, but during this time, we will still have SFNE updates.  Here is the link. You should see a link to the SFNE updates on the main page of TPNE as well.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2001 10:23 AM
The layout is really different, which I like. Nice job.
Webmaster-Amusement Park Central
Wednesday, November 14, 2001 1:45 PM
I love B&M's intertwining corkscrews! Hope this thing is open by the time I get out there. Does it have a name yet?
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Wednesday, November 14, 2001 2:11 PM
It looks awsome!!! But, the only problem is....the layout is kind of like medusa's.(SDGAdv.) What I mean is, from the lift hill, you go into a curved drop into a loop. Also, it has interlocking loops like medusa. It looks like a great ride, but too similar to medusa.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2001 2:48 PM
Don't forget that Dragon Khan and Kumba had interlocking corscrews too.  Dragon Khan has  the same layout as Medusa with an extra inversion, did people care that Medusa came out with a design almost identical to another coaster, NO.  There wicked sweet inversions, and know one cares if they look like something else, just as long as it's a cool ride(smooth B&M:)).  Almost every floorless, with exception of B:KF, follows the same plan, but there still wicked sweet!
Thursday, November 15, 2001 2:32 PM

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