New Drifting Coaster At Oktoberfest

@RayP1970 I might have been a little harsh on the darkrides/funhouses. They are not bad, it is just that they are elaborate on the outside to lure you in and inside it is just so so. After 4 beers it is probably fun too,lol.

Voodoo Jumper is insane, look it up on yotube for night rides, only found one from tpr and I do not want to post there videos here. Honestly, the ride is a show. It was insane.

The beauty of Toboggan is that there is a beergarden right across and next to Alpina Bahn, so you can sit down with a cold one and just laugh and be at awww watching the coaster.

I did not see or went on "Encounter", Oktoberfest is huge. I might go back next week and will look out for it for you. Come out next year!

Edit; Found a night video of Voodoo, best light show ever on a flat ride and there is fire too!

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On the German fair you must know the system of who may come with which ride works differently.

In the Netherlands it works by auctions, so if theere are 3 places for a autoscooter... the 3 bidding the most money will get those places.

In Germany a person from the city decides who may come to the fair and at what price, such person look at quality of the ride, quality what a ride can offer for that fair. So German fairrideowners keep doing updates to make their ride "better" then similiar rides to get places on better fairgrounds.

Look at Hollenblitz... it's 3rd theme since it started traveling ! or waterides like Wild Wasser III ( currently no longer traveling but at Skylinepark )

Also things like " simple" breakdanceride look so much better in Germany, esspecially those bigger ones with 6x4 Gondola instead of 4x4 ... or the Commanderride... or Konga the XXL from kmg.

What I also like is that on most rides are not a set programm. The operator runs the show. What is funny on the above posted video is that the ride operator asked if the riders want to go fast and everybody yelled "yeah" and he did nothing for a minute before going crazy. Every ride cycle is different as it depend on the interaction between the guests and the operator.

Manually operated by someone who knows how. Exactly as it should be.

But on account of that, flats have insanely long cycles. We were on Parkour for what seemed like a half hour, and in a drizzle no less. I'm usually sad when a ride is over, but not then. There were two Huss Top Spins, one was Top Spin no. 1, and the other was Top Spin Fresh. And they are the perfect example of one showman trying to outdo the other. Both were super flashy and once again, operated cycles I was very sure I could never do. There were also two Flippers, one was Flipper and one was Playball. Same thing. And people were climbing on and off those rides like it was nothing. They must have strong constitutions and iron stomachs.

lol, I am out when it comes to Top Spin. I did Talocan at Phantasialand and was done for the day. Nope, not my kinda ride, It is awsome, just not for me, I rather look at it vs riding,

Ride cycles can be long, it mostly depends on the crowds. The Voodoo video was 9 minutes, that is crazy. I remember one day on Break Dancer(which a staple on every fair) and after 10 minutes it finally stopped and I was ready to leave. Operator asked "one more round" I was screaming nooooooo, everyone else "Yeah". lol. I survived, so all is good.

German Fairs are really cool in general, Oktoberfest of course is the ultimate, but other fairs are rather good too.

This goes to show how low class most American parks really are. First of all, not a lot of these rides at American parks. These rides look so spectacular with all the lighting and backgrounds. In the USA, the lightning packages are almost always incomplete.

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I would not call it low class, it is just a different system. In Germany the rides are individually owned, mostly by families. So you have to compete with the ride next to you and top it. In addition the cities demanded a couple of years ago to change the lights to low energy led's, most owners used that change to update there light package. Some rides, like Taumler would never get insurance in the US.I go to Oktoberfest for the tents of course, but this year I spent a lot of time at the fairgrounds as it was just stunning. Every flatride was it's own party(helps that there are beergardens all over) and of Olympia Looping is a beauty to watch, I highly recommend everyone to visit Oktoberfest or any other fair once in there lifetime, so worth it.

In the U.S. from what I understand, most fairs and rides are owned by the same company, so no competition , hence, no need to upgrade.

In Germany these fairs have 100+years tradition and there is money to be made, think about it, Olympia Looping is €9, they run 5 trains with 14 people each, dispatch time is 30 seconds and that from 10 am to 11pm, you make some money on that,

Still, my favorite ride to watch is Transformer, I would never get on it, but I look at it

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I have seen the Transformer ride several times a very impressive machine.

KMG has a ride similiar to that one,

Move it 32 from kmg currently run by Belgian owner

As with many KMG rides that one used to travel in The Netherlands because a part of the family that started KMG operates the rides at the fairs so many prototypes get their debuts in The Netherlands.

At least once I rode on the big Move it.. KMG also has a 18 seater and 24 seater, both are only on one arm instead of 2 like the 32.

From the ridefeeling it all feels and looks like a ride that was traveling in the netherland in 1990s called " spinnbal"

Spinn ball at Tilburg

While we are talking aboout Oktoberfest, how about a video of Olympia Looping running 5 trains with 30 second dispatch time. For every coaster lover it is a beauty to watch

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I think my next international trip will be to Paris, UK, and Germany in 2019 and I’m gonna go to Octoberfest whilst there. Been wanting to for quite some time.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I'd love to go traveling and hit Oktoberfest and other places. Really looks fun. I'd be terrified to ride a five train op Olympia though. I'd do it because it's Olympia, but that's insane!

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

Do not be terrified as Olympia has been traveling since 1989 with no accidents.Be afraid of the G-Forces though as this coaster is intense- After Oktoberfest, in Stuttgart is a similar fair going on at the same time called Kansteeter Wasn(spell?), pretty much the same size with different rides that is easy to be reached by train from Munich, so you would get a 2 4 1 in ultimate amusement park happiness (plus beer).

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