New Discovery Channel Show Tonight

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Engineering Thrills at 8pm - Discovery Channel

Set your DVR's :)

Dang it you beat me to it....part of this show if not all of it will be about Fahrenheit at Hersheypark.


Watch the tram car please....

Have I mentioned how cool it is to be able to schedule recordings on my DirecTiVo from work? ;)

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Damn class! It'll be on 8pm on the 25th too, or midnight tonight and the 25th.

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The first 20 minutes with the guys figuring 'arousal levels' on Fahrenheit was mind numbing. I almost gave up on the show.

Other than that - standard fare. Maybe I've just seen too many of these shows over the years?

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I found some bits about the Niagra Falls thing interesting, but other than that it was a less than stellar show. The last few sentences of the show about how thrill seekers want to be in video games or whatever left me thinking, "What are you talking about?"

Yeah I was kind of wondering what was up with the Fahrenheit segment... But the Niagra's Fury segment made up for it. The it headed downhill again for me.

Watch the tram car please....
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I was hoping it would cover how the Toy Story ride interacted with guests a bit more. Maybe it did and I missed it. I was a bit distracted while watching.

Not a real in depth talk of it.. but it did say about how the scenes do change based on actions of the riders. They also brought up how they can add a different game, after it has been tested in a lab, very easily.

Watch the tram car please....
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I find it ironic that the most interesting bit of that show was the least interesting ride on the show.

There was so much more they could have done with that show.

The Fahrenheit part was good in explaining about the small footprint, what they want in a ride, and reasoning behind the short trains. It was explained the short trains are due to the way the trains trailer through the tight course that if they had a longer train there would be dangerous forces on some parts of the train. I can't remember the exact terms used but very good technical info.

I just think the X2 and Toy Story areas left a lot to be desired for me. I mean almost everything in the X2 segement was related to video gaming. Does the Magic Mountain park management really thing everyone who likes coasters is into gaming?

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Watch the tram car please....
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The small piece of the show I saw, where they were "doling out credit" for the X->X2 transformation, made no mention of Alan I zapped back over to the baseball game. LOL! ;)

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See, I thought the X2 and Toy Story segments were by far the most entertaining/interesting.

I completely agree. The Fahrenheit portion could have been done differently in the second half than showing the 'arousal' levels, which was weird and uninteresting. And the Niagra's Fury part was depressing.

Why take up more than half the show focusing on a ride that looks and is boring to experience? (Judging by the other thread open, my assumptions are pretty correct.)

It did pick up more towards the end, thanks LG for the tip on the showtime.

You stepped up, you stepped in, now I'm going to take you for a little spin.

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I thought that a lot of the technology behind Niagra's Fury was neat to see.

I did too---perhaps because I've seen too many of these, as well. Niagara's Fury was "different", so it seemed interesting.

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Brian Noble said:
Have I mentioned how cool it is to be able to schedule recordings on my DirecTiVo from work? ;)


Whats even cooler is my new U-Verse web remote. I can program from my blackberry 8120 or my Tilt. I didn't think I was gonna like it at 1st, but It beats the picture hands down from all the other providers. I can even see a hair on the tracks.

My Beautiful wife, Julia, is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

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I saw bits and pieces of some show last night as I was falling asleep. It had Hersheypark as well as King's Island. It was updated, as in 2008. I fell asleep halfway through the Son of Beast spiel. Was that the same show?

Maybe I have seen too many of these shows as well. ;) It's not that I was bored, I was just in that mindframe of "been there/done that." ;)

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coasterqueenTRN said:
Was that the same show?


Watched the show off the DVR last night. I thought it was so-so.

I started laughing when the Technical Director for Toy Story Mania said, "Toy Story Mania always knows where you are and what you are doing." Now I can't help but check over my shoulder all the time.

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