New Coaster Lovers Born Yesterday

Thursday, June 19, 2003 1:44 PM
My son had his 9th B-day at Frontier City yesterday and took two of his friends. These friends had never ridden a "real" roller coaster and were caving under pressure from Trey to suck it up and just ride. So they did-

The first coaster for them was the Diamondback (Arrow Shuttle Loop) - Forward pass, they wanted off, backwards pass, they really wanted off - in the station they said they didn't want to ride again. Oops, the train left the station again (double ride) - on the second return - woo hoo, that was awesome! let's do that again.

Same thing throughout the day - Silver Bullet, Wildcat, etc. I don't think so, ok we'll try it, that was awesome, let's do it again.

One other note: the cycle time on all the rides (that were open) were insane on Tuesday - people were asking the operators to stop, and only after two or three people would ask - the operator would comply.

I posted a trip report - not much detail, just some info on closed rides, etc.

I guess next birthday we'll have to take the boys to SFOT so they can get some "real" thrills.

Let the good times roll - Zingo


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