New Coaster for Parc Astérix (layout and video)

Too bad I'll never make it out there. looks decent and I like the idea of an inverted dive loop. Not too exciting looking though..

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Inverted Dive Loop? You mean an Immelmann?

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I suppose you can't go wrong with a B&M Invert. But this one doesn't look as fun as some of the existing ones. Of course, you can't judge a ride by the youtubes. I'm sure it'll still do just fine over there.

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Inverted Dive Loop? You mean an Immelmann?

well no. it enters an immelman differently. i think its the first b&m inverter to do that. so like i said, an inverted dive loop.

i must have forgot why i dont post on these forums, people are so nitpicky and annoying. ill disappear now for another couple years. adios! lol jk

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I like it. All the non-inverting trackage after it completed the Immelmann was a nice surprise (kind of a "get the inversions out of the way and get on to the fun stuff" idea).

Funny how the queue gates are there, and operating, but horribly out of synch with how a ride really operates... ;)

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Yeah the first inversion is an inverted (because it's an inverted) dive loop, or, dive loop on an inverted coaster. It hasn't been done as a stand alone element on an inverted coaster that I've seen, though it does make up part of a batwing whereas there are two of those.

So this one has a dive loop and an immelmann. Looks like a good layout, reminds me of Silver Bullet ever so slightly.

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I have always wondered why inverted coasters don't have Dive loops...much like stand ups don't have cobra rolls. This one looks like a winner. . . like what Silver Bullet could have been.

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Doesn't Fire Dragon at IOA have something like that? And Great Bear at HersheyPark?

EDIT - Nevermind. I see it now. It makes a turn during the flip, unlike GB and FD, which goes straight during the flip.

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Looks way more interesting and original than just about any other B&M Invert layout. Still too much emphasis on going upside down though.

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The layout seems fairly original, and having an invert is definitely a nice addition to the park. My wife and I paid Parc Asterix a visit this summer and really enjoyed the theming and ride selection. The only disappointing moment was Tonnerre de Zeus, which had a long queue and some rough sections of track. Having a B&M invert will improve their already strong ride diversity!

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