New book paints SeaWorld in negative light over captivity of orcas

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In the thorough and disturbing Death at SeaWorld, investigative journalist David Kirby (Evidence of Harm) uses Brancheau’s death as a springboard for examining the ethics of holding orcas in captivity; the culture of SeaWorld; a series of previous deaths caused by orcas at theme parks; the life of killer whales in the wild; the history of the anti-captivity movement; and the sad story of Keiko, the killer whale that starred in Free Willy.

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I'm not sure what Keiko has to do with SeaWorld, but I think he makes a great case study for why you can't just "free Willy." That animal was captured and kept in a confined, crappy tank for years before being "rescued" for the movie. It's a far cry from the conditions at SeaWorld. I got to see him once at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and talked to some people there who just loved him like their own child.

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Last time I checked the Orcas are treated better then most people in SeaWorld. Maybe these animal rights people are really just jealous of these pampered whales hahaha

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I don't understand all the love for orcas. They're ugly, they're smelly, they like to hide out in dark caves and attack unsuspecting dwarves and hobbits. Plus they have bad teeth and no sense of fashion whatsoever...

What? We're talking about whales? Never mind.

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