New at Six Flags

As the 2008 season is just about ready to start up theres been a couple new articles boosting the new items at Six Flags parks (outside of rides).

Heres a couple of articles describing more of the effect that the media network will have on Six Flags park's guest's experiences, specifically SFDK and SFOT.



The Highlights:

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom just signed a interesting deal to partner with NextSport. It is kind of like the Wii experience, but with NextSport scooters, and "skate park". Looks like a great opertunity for Nextsport advertising, as well as a great interactive guest experience. The question is, is the experience free with theme park admission?

Next Six Flags Overt Texas discussed the various media items throughout the park. One I found interesting that I don't believe we have heard of before are the new "charging stations" near every atm. Kiosks where you can go to pay $2 to charge your phone for 10-15 minutes. Interesting concept.

Also they discussed 10 new billboards throughout the park. Previously billboards had been made of a 4x4 plywood sign. These new billboards are said to concentrate on theme of the section.

Nice, both articles make me happy that I bought stock in the chain, and Discovery Kingdom is my homepark in the summer, so the good news keeps on coming.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Read another article stating that the story time series will be coming to SFGAd later this year. The article also speaks about how the story time series at SFDK as well as the Holiday in the parks throughout the chain received an award for best product of '08 by iParenting Media.

Looks like the holiday in the parks and original book series are successful. I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of this throughout the chain in years to come.

^^I would absolutely believe that the Fuzion thing is free. They are trying to sell there product by showing people what it does.

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