New 570-foot Skyscraper roller coaster coming to Orlando in 2016

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The world's tallest roller coaster will be constructed in the tourist district of Orlando, developers announced on Thursday. Developers David and Joshua Wallack said a 570-foot vertical coaster, which would be the tallest in the world, will be located at International Drive and Sand Lake Road in Orlando. The ride will be known as "The Skyscraper" and will be built on 12 acres around a Skyplex, which will feature other entertainment and shops.

Read more and see video from WKMG/Orlando.

I'll believe it when I'm actually riding the coaster. Between this and that ridiculous iSquare development I'm trying to decide which one dies first.

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I-Drive definitely has two sides to it. Closer to the OCCC and The Peab... er, Hyatt, it's very nice. At the other end, well, not so much. The corner of Sand Lake and I-Drive looks like ****, and it's a total cluster**** to drive through (I blame the damn McDonald's with the world's largest play area). Not sure which land they're building on. I assume it's the area of parking southeast of the intersection, between I-Drive and the Wyndham property.

The area has potential. The ferris wheel will be pretty cool, and the there's a trendy bowling alley there too.

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That intersection has sucked ever since (and probably before) that McDonalds. I remember getting trapped in that intersection 20 years ago. It's truly one of the "I'll never drive through there again" places on earth for me.

I'm not worried about riding this thing as it won't come to pass. I don't think there's enough EB-5 Visa money in China to build this thing, and certainly no sensible domestic commercial lending for it. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time, but that long "lead time" to build is the clue that the financing for this thing isn't done yet. (The horrible artwork for the tower is also a clue that something isn't right). If you're selling a first of its kind ride, wouldn't you have better animation in this day and age?

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The presentation seemed very amateurish. They literally had people holding the posters on the easels so they didn't blow away in the wind. That and the ridiculous helicopter entrance makes this seem like a collection of businessmen who are out of their league on this one.

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And the palm trees in the background seem half dead, or frost scorched at least. Nice. Could someone at least have gotten out the hedge trimmers?

I'm with everyone here that says I-Drive and Sand Lake is the intersection from hell. I got caught there one night, due to an unfortunate wrong turn out of the unfortunate Popeye's chicken, and wound up going all the way up I Drive to Universal Dr with no where to turn. The police had every single side street and driveway blocked for turn arounds. That little trip back to the hotel cost me an hour and a half of my life I'll never get back and bout ran me out of gas. Never again.

While this attraction/complex is on the "right" side of the street, it's still close enough to the seedy end of I Drive to make it less than attractive. Just past Sand Lake toward the convention center it starts to get nice, but this location ain't quite it. I definitely would have picked a better location.

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To be fair, if you can enter the complex from Universal Blvd., it wouldn't be a big deal. I don't think anyone local ever actually drives on I-Drive. I have crossed that intersection at lunch time many times to get to the Pei Wei and Tijuana Flats down the road. It's what you gotta do to eat lunch sometimes. :)

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I avoid driving on I-Drive north of the Sand Lake intersection as much as possible, but south of the intersection isn't too bad unless there's major events using both wings of the OCCC.

The plot of land is where the go-karts used to be behind Popeye's and BK, the Mango Joe's is slated for a plot of land on the other side of the road and intersection, which is why they want the pedestrian bridge complex for the Sand Lake intersection.

I won't write off the entire project completely because of the financing, but I'd be surprised if it actually is as big as they're touting right now, and if the tower plus coaster ever gets built. Mango Joe's will happen, though.

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