Never been to Fright Fest....?

Saturday, October 12, 2002 4:31 PM
I haven't had the chance to go Great Adventure during fright fest. I'm not alone am I? I'm hoping to go this month but the bad weather isn't helping....

Explains why i'm up at 4am in the morning. Too scaried to sleep!

Saturday, October 12, 2002 4:38 PM
Well I have been there twice, both being last year. It's really a different atmosphere. I will be at the park possibly tomorrow or next Sunday. I am also going closing day, November 3 I think. Also instead of Dino Island there is Superstition which is a crazy simulator ride that takes you through a "haunted house" and all these crazy elements on a coaster like you will slam into walls amd junk. I went on it twice last year and its a great ride.

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Saturday, October 12, 2002 4:51 PM
You should try to go. It really is a different type of atmosphere from the regular season.

The top 3 all time cobrarolls.

2)Deja Vu's (times 3)
3)Batman Knight Flight's

Sunday, October 13, 2002 11:49 AM
And remember that bad weather means shorter lines. Border line weather is really one of the best times to go to the park. Just wear long pants and bring a wind breaker. You'll spend a lot less time in lines and more time riding. If you get a little sprinkle head to the woodies. Even Rolling Thunder gets quite a bit better when it rains.
Monday, October 14, 2002 10:14 AM
I've been to three of the last four years (missed last year) at SFGAdv and except for the horribly crowded park after 4pm (and this year we add slow loading times for almost evrything but the B&M machines), it's worth going to see for the different atmosphere and shows. I particularly enjoy the Dead Man's Party (though it's been the same show - the performers do an amazing job). I misseed the fireworks this year, but I heard good things about it.
Monday, October 14, 2002 10:51 AM
Superstition is the WORST motion simulatro in existence. Elvira is probably the worst host in the world. How many jokes can she possibly make about her boobs?

-Kyle Brylczyk
KoRn - Untouchables

Monday, October 14, 2002 12:31 PM

I rode Superstition last night at PKD and I must say that it was PATHETIC. There was no action at all!

Monday, October 14, 2002 7:58 PM

Fright Fest is okay, but it's really just annoying at times. Some of the haunted houses and other attractions are pretty good, but the people that come up to you and "scare" you by invading your personal space get the thumbs down from me.
When're you going? I might try to meet you there if it's in the near future.

You must be this dumb to ride Viper. -SFGAdv.


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