Net revenue up 5% through Labor Day for Cedar Fair

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[Ed. note: The following is an excerpt of a press release. -J]

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN) today reported strong financial results through Labor Day weekend and, as a result, reaffirmed that it is on track for its third-consecutive year of record performance in 2012.

As of September 3, 2012, year-to-date net revenues increased approximately $40 million, or 5%, to approximately $881 million compared with $841 million for the same period a year ago. Driving this year-over-year growth was a 4% increase in average in-park guest per capita spending to $41.74, coupled with a 1% increase in attendance to 19.4 million visitors and a 1% increase in out-of-park revenues to approximately $93 million.

“We are very pleased with the year-to-date performance of our parks through Labor Day, as we saw strength in both in-park per capita spending and attendance,” said Matt Ouimet, Cedar Fair’s president and chief executive officer. “We were successful in maintaining integrity in our pricing through the peak months of July and August, which has resulted in strong growth in our average in-park guest per capita spending, including our admissions per capita which was up 3%. At the same time, we have been able to increase attendance from last year’s record levels, primarily through the introduction of world-class rides and attractions and record season pass sales. These results are a testament to the value our customers place on a full day of entertainment at our parks and the quality of service that our associates offer.

“We feel very good about the response our guests have had to our ‘FUNforward’ growth initiatives and would expect to keep this momentum going in the fall season with our award-winning Halloween offerings,” added Ouimet. “The highlight of our Halloween activities this year will be the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the ‘Haunt’ at Knott’s Berry Farm, which will also feature an all-new interactive maze and premium experience called ‘TRAPPED’. Our other parks will feature several new shows and mazes for guests to enjoy as well. Our flagship park, Cedar Point, will also be taking advantage of its new stage on Celebration Plaza with ‘Skeleton Crew,’ a new show that is sure to entertain friends and families of all ages with high-flying acrobats and other extraordinary acts.”

Ouimet added, “Based on the strength of our results through Labor Day and the positive momentum we have heading into our important fall season, we remain confident in our 2012 full-year revenue guidance of $1.055 billion to $1.075 billion and our Adjusted EBITDA guidance of $385 million to $395 million.”

Ouimet also noted the Company is on track to pay more than $2.00 per limited partnership unit in distributions in 2013, up from its current distribution rate of $1.60 per unit for 2012. The Company expects to provide additional information regarding the 2013 distribution rate on its third-quarter conference call with investors, scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

Read the entire press release from Cedar Fair.

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"Are you better of than you were four years ago?"

Cedar Fair says, "Yes. Yes I am."

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Cool. Obama is doing great things for an amusement park chain.

I'm glad they are doing good. Looking forward to Halloweekends... Now to add something at Geauga Lake.

Heck, Cedar Fair is better off than it was 14 months ago.

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Probably due to their excellent advertsing campaign this year.

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They really spiffed up Knott's this year. No new attractions, and yet have invested in having at least one family return once or twice next year, and possibly get passes.

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Vater said:

Cool. Obama is doing great things for an amusement park chain.

He got rid of Dick Kinzel?

Rumor around the grapevine is that Ouimet visited GL's WWK a few times this year and was really surprised at how nice the park was and that it is the chain's 'hidden gem'.

I just hope Ouimet sees potential in WWK unlike Kinzel did. The place is packed during the nicer days in summer and really needs to expand, even if something small. I think with small additions (not Fisher-Price toys, but a waterslide complex or something of the sort), that WWK can become a bit more of a regional draw versus more local. It is just a bit too small, at this point.

We can hope!

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Yes We Can! Err. Wait. What were we talking about?

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Lord Gonchar said:

Probably due to their excellent advertsing campaign this year.

In keeping with the seeming politics theme:

They built that!

We were at Dorney and WWK this summer. I hadn't been for years, I remember it being kind of dumpy and diry and was plesantly suprised with how nice it was. CF is doing a good job IMO.

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