I went to Alton Towers in the summer of 1998 and enjoyed this ride, it is still in my mind the best of the Inverted Coasters I have ever riden and my favorite all-time experience, when you got off the ride you were buzzed and dizzy!! lol Watch the POV, because of the height restrictions placed on the park this coaster hugs the curves of the land its built on!

If you rode Nemesis, please leave some comments what was your experience like?!!

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Let me give you a couple tips before you dig yourself too big a hole.

a) You don't need topic titles in all caps.

b) Correct grammar and spelling are appreciated and will get people to read your posts more.

c) Most of us know about Nemesis, the height restrictions on AT, and the history of the ride.

d) If you must post a topic like this (it is bordering on the line of acceptable, since the ride is 15 years old and everything that there is to say about it has probably already been said), trip reports is almost certainly a better place than general buzz.

Welcome to the Buzz.

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No problem, just getting a feel for the site, wanted to get peoples comments on the ride.

Was inspired from "Banshee Buzz!!"

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A. Andy kicks all kinds of butt. Listening to him will serve you well.

B. Nemesis also kicks all kinds of butt. Then again, everything there *but* Rita was a real hit.

C. The park uses the height "limitation" to its advantage by digging and using the existing terrain to its fullest advantage...

D. The theming, in-station and on-ride, is top-notch. Bully for AT!


thanks rollergator!!

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And then there's Black Mamba. It's a toss-up for me. I'd probably give it to Nemesis for the better coaster, but the theming/surroundings of Black Mamba are incredible.

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Nemesis was the first coaster that left me dizzy after riding, I was thinking that because the coasters in Europe are a little faster and are not too worried with making you sick .. lol

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^^ I agree with AV.....Black Mamba is all types of awesome wrapped in bacon and dipped in gravy. for me, the ony ride that comes close stateside is Chinese Fireball. I especially liked the drum beats and the flashing lights when the trains leave the station.

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