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So I've talked to some locals from the St Louis area that say the only way to get out to the park is driving. I'm wondering if there is any other way to get out there, like bus or possibly even hotel shuttles. We don't want to get a car, so anything would help!
Where are you coming from?
I'm guessing since he lives in Arizona that he means from the airport.

I don't know about shuttles, but don't pay for a cab. Lambert Airport is on the north side of town, while the park is way out on the southwest. It's gotta be at least 30 miles one way.

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Best thing to do is rent a car at the airport, drive I-70 West, I-270 South, to I-44 West.

It is your cheapest and most efficient option, by far.

Having lived in St. Louis for a great long while, I can think only one other affordable alternative.

SFSTL is barely still in St. Louis County, and thus, it is served by Bi-State (our transportation entity).

The "Eureka Express" will get you very close to Six Flags, to one of the so called "Park-Ride" lots. But you'll have to go the extra 1-2 miles on your own. Here's a map of all the bus routes:

Stay at the Holiday Inn Six Flags St Louis and they have a free shuttle. Parking is like $15!

Thanks for all the help. I'll probably be coming from the downtown or Edwardsville area. Looks like we'll have to get a car. :(
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Yea, you will probably will need a car since SFSTL is pretty far away from the actual city of St. Louis. What brings you to Edwardsville?
My girlfriend and I are going to a wedding and so I couldn't let us pass up a park so close by. The park is about an hour and a half from downtown as I understand it. Being from California, that's walking distance. ;)
The park is actually only about 40 minutes from downtown St. Louis, and that's only if you actually drive the speed limit. I agree with everyone else that the best option is to rent a car - you can get some pretty cheap deals if you reserve ahead of time.
I know when I go to the park I take I-70 to I-44 and doing 5mph over the speed limit in most areas, except that the area where I see cops, it takes me half an hour from the time I get to the Arch to SF Stl.

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timmyk said:
Stay at the Holiday Inn Six Flags St Louis and they have a free shuttle. Parking is like $15!

It was $10 in 06', which I found odd considering that most of the other parks were charging $15.

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Parking is free at all Six Flags parks now. You just have to pay $15 for that great souvenir map. ;)

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