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Am thinking about going to Vegas later this week and, of course, will ride the coasters there. My big concern, is, the coaster f.k.a. Manhattan Express, is it rough like I last remember? I see that they changed the trains last summer. Has this made for a smoother ride? Any info would be appreciated.
From what I have heard, the new trains have not changed the ride experience much for the better. Most of The Roller Coaster's (keep in mind it no longer goes by the name Manhattan Express) rider discomfort problems stem from the poor transitions and heartlining. The headbanging will be prevelant as long as the trains utilize a horse-collar restraint system.
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We were in Vegas three weeks ago. Didn't have a chance to ride Manhattan Express but watched it as we were walking by. I couldn't believe how slow it was going. There was one small hill that I was sure the train wouldn't make it up. That was just my view from the ground.
Haven't ridden it with the news trains but what I have been hearing hasn't been overly positive.
Don't bother. Save your $12 and put it towards an all day pass for Speed: The Ride at the Sahara.


It's only good for the credit (if you're like that).

And if you are, go ahead and let us know if the cars made a difference.

Stick with Speed and CB. If you have the time and means, get out to Desperado. It may be rough also but not like ME or "roller coaster" or whatever it is these days.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

I rode it two weeks ago. It wasn't rough but it certainly wasn't all that thrilling either. If you are looking to do more than just that check out the powerpass at $12 is quite a bit to pay for one ride on Manhattan Express. I am still calling it that since most of the signage in the casino still says Manhattan Express.

Speed is by far the best coaster on the strip.

As far as Desperado goes, be sure to avoid Primm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The rides are closed down those days. Of course I called to verify that they would be open but lo and behold they weren't when we got there. I couldn't help but feel like Clark Griswold.

Not surprising...Those places will tell you anything to get you in the door.

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

Outlane said:
Don't bother. Save your $12 and put it towards an all day pass for Speed: The Ride at the Sahara.


Here, here! "The coaster" at NY NY is impressive looking but just doesnt deliever much. The 2nd drop is good and so is the in-line heart roll but thats about all. Speed is by far the best coaster in Vegas (not like we have much to choose from!) But speed is definately one of those rides I could ride over and over. I always get the unlimited pass for this ride. Theres never a line for it either. Always a plus. Good things come in small packages and speed definately lives up to that.

This Topic has been very helpful to me because I will be making my first trip to Las Vegas in April and was wondering what coasters were the best out there. I just have one more question. Should I also try to ride Canyon Blaster in the Adventuredome? To me it doesn't look much better then the other coasters in LV.

I would say it's worth trying to ride Canyon Blaster if you can. I rode it back in 2005 and I thought it was a fun little coaster. It was definately a much better ride than "The Coaster" or whatever it is called now. Oh, and like everyone else has said, get the all day pass for Speed. That was a great ride.


Just to let you know the Roller Coaster (Manhattan Express) will be closed Monday, January 22nd through Friday, January 26th for maintenance.
I also enjoyed Canyon Blaster.
Thanks for your in puts. I will try to ride the coasters as much as I can.
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Forgot to post this, but I did get a ride on "The Roller Coaster". I was pleasantly surprised on the Roller Coaster. I was expecting rough and it wasn't as bad as I had feared. It was much rougher when I rode it in the past.
the trick to avoiding the roughness is to ride in the first or second car only. I rode in the last one once and will never again. Even with the new trains it's a headache machine. Speed is , of course, fantastic, Canyon Blaster is okay. There's a great part when you hit the hill/turn before the corkscrews where it almost seems as if you'll hit the glass ceiling and the helix at the end is cool because of the close proximity of all the objects surrounding it. Desperado is a pretty rough ride but worth the trip if you have the time. I could only ride it like 20 times before my back started hurting. My record for Speed though is 72 times in one day. I pretty much did nothing else that day.
Speed is very good indeed, even when judged against more contemporary rides. Canyon Blaster is surprisingly OK. Manhattan Express used to be IMHO the most hideous steel coaster on the planet. However I rode it a couple of times last year shortly after the installation of the new Premier trains - a vast improvement to the overall ride experience. Still not great, but at least rerideable. Desperado is rapidly ripping itself to pieces, and it shows. A good first drop followed by a few pops of airtime but extremely painful throughout. I really cannot imagine that it will survive beyond another couple of years or so. Do it now. Once :)
I agree that Speed is the best ride on The Strip. But I'll do you all one better- it's one of the best shuttle coasters around. A heck of a lot of fun, even with the OTSR's.

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