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Hi, i am a student in Australia doing my last year of schooling. In order to complete the HSC course (which is like equivalent of the SAT's) I have to complete a major research assessment on something that i am passionate/interested about.

Naturally i thought of roller coasters straight away, but wasnt entirely sure how to fashion an assessement around it!
Basically, my assessment topic is on the experiences that roller coasters produce and the areas around that, such as adrenaline rushes.

I have made a quick questionnaire and if you wouldnt mind it would be greatly greatly appreciated if you could take some time to complete it. They are completely anonymous and wont take too long. If you could just reply with the answers in your own post that would be greatly apprecaited and if you want you can send me a personal message.

these are due soon and I needed some extra opinions, so if you're thinking of doing it, I would really appreciate your time.

thank you so much for your time!

1. Gender
2. Age
3. What was your first roller coaster experience?
4. At what age did you begin to love roller coasters?
5. How many times do you look/watch at roller coasters online per week?
6. For what reasons would you buy roller coaster merchandise?
7. How many times do you visit theme parks in a year? Why?
8. If you could briefly describe why you love roller coasters what woulo you find it hard to go long without riding a roller coaster?
10. Do you feel a need to duplicate the speed of roller coasters in your ordinary life?
11. Do you believe that the adrenaline produced whilst riding a roller coaster is addictive?
12. If yes, how do you satisfy this ‘’addiction’’
13. Do you dislike that the roller coaster experience is only quick?
14. Do you turn to chat forums to replicate the experience for a longer experience?
15. How often do you participate in roller coaster or theme park forums per week?
16. Do you turn to roller coaster videos to re-experience the feeling of adrenaline?

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Why don't you provide direct contact information. This isn't stuff we need floating around in the forum.

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^ sure thing thats a good idea. You can email me your responses at

thanks for your time :)

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