Need feedback for BooBuzz 2010

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OK... so Cedar Point will be hosting concerts again this year around the typical BooBuzz. Bryan Edwards has proposed a couple of alternatives to what we've done in the past, so I'll repost them here and look for your feedback...

Option 1 -- What if we did a Friday night event. We could do tours/ERT inside the park before we open. Perhaps a haunted house tour with the lights on and discussion about how things are set up, then ERT on(insert ride name here), then a dinner buffet. Pros: Something different, NO crowd to content with inside the park. Cons: People getting out of work early to attend and entire park not open on Friday night.

Option 2 -- We could do a Sunday event. We could do ERT on (insert ride name here), perhaps even a photo tour, then lunch and another HalloWeekends behind-the-scenes tour. Pros: Less crowded then a Saturday event. Cons: HalloWeekends activities not open on Sunday night (unless we held the event on the Sunday before Columbus Day in October).

What do y'all think? I'm partial to the Friday night thing, because Friday nights during Halloweekends are pretty much the best thing ever. And by the way, I'm not that interested in what we should have for "insert ride name here," as that wouldn't be a very fruitful discussion, and it depends on what they can staff.

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I am going with option 1, I like the Friday nights better and the early afternoon ERT versus the early morning or late evening ERT.

And as someone who designs and builds Haunted Attractions I would love the opportunity to see, lights on, the haunted houses and discuss at length with John Taylor how he designed each house. Possibly even a behind the scenes tour of the Starlight. I would love to see that control room and discuss it some with someone who knows it inside and out.

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I missed boobuzz this year because it was on a Saturday. I work Saturdays. Friday night would be just as bad due to the 2 hour drive north to the point.

We did go to the GOCC event because it was on a Sunday and had a great time. So I vote for a Sunday event. BTW all the indoor mazes were open on Sundays this year.

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Option 1 seems preferable to me.

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Not that I've ever been to BooBuzz (mainly due to it being on a Saturday on Halloweekends), BUT the Friday option actually sounds pretty sweet!!

option 1 is the best for me.

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The indoor mazes are open on Sunday, but none of the outdoor attractions are open. Except for the Sunday before Columbus Day (hence the mention in the original post)

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Friday has my vote.

If I had a choice of dates it would be Sep. 24 or Oct. 1.

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I think I have to go with the Friday option as well. The crowds this summer were so insane, I decided to bug out before the tour of the island.

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I vote for Friday. Love being in the park when its closed to the general public.

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Friday would be sweet.

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Friday! :)

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I loooove Halloweekends Fridays!

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What is the extent of the limited operation on Fridays and Sundays? It sounds like Fridays have rides down, but Sundays have the outdoor haunts closed. Is that correct?


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Friday nights, from an enthusiast perspective, are probably like any other day. I think among the more notable rides, what, Gemini is closed? I don't think anyone would lose too much sleep over that.

It seems like we have a lot more consensus on Friday, so I'll let Bryan know and we'll get a date nailed down, post-haste.

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What's it like there Saturdays pre-dusk? I know PFN gets hella busy on Saturdays, but we don't open until 7 so it's hard for me to judge what time the crowds would start.

Thinking of coming up for Friday and then going Saturday morning and leaving around dinner time to come home... that is if it doesn't conflict with my PFN schedule.

Maybe they'll pay for me if I promise to steal some ideas. :)


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Saturdays depend largely on the weather, but crowds were definitely a little smaller this year. If you stay on property, remember that you get early entry too.

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I vote Friday;)

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