Need advice, school project, making coaster wheel

My group and I will be making a coaster car wheel for our term project. I've searched on Google Images, but haven't come up with much. I'm coming to you guys for a little help.

a.) close-up pics of wheels
b.) some basic/standard dimensions
c.) any other info

I'm sure it seems like i'm just trying to get you guys to do my work, but i'm really not. I just don't think i'll find a website out there with coaster wheel specifications. Thanks for any help.

Hand over a Wicked Twister wheel. For some reason, that picture has always been cool-looking to me.

Not sure how much help, but...


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This is a company that makes wheels for coasters. Maybe if you tell them what the project is for they can give you some specs.

Maybe if you live near a park you could head out to one this weekend and try to hunt down a mechanic.

I'm thinking you could get some info by making a visit, but it might be a bad move to. That's all I can think of. Good luck.

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By the way, Dragster, Millennium Force and Wicked Twister all use the same wheels.

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Maverick probably will, too.
Well, my group and I have completed our wheels, and did our presentation. I'm pretty sure we got an 'A'. Opening bids starting at $500 ;)

I'm impressed, some people are just naturally good at CAD, unfortuantly I'm not one of those people, the finished product is impressive. I had a similar project, but my partner didn't want to do anything amusement related.

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Great job, they really came out looking nice. I'm looking forward to being able to do similar stuff in school as well! Of course, I could do that right now if I wanted to, but I'm a lazy bum by nature ;) Cool project.
Thanks for the nice comments guys, I had a lot of fun making them.
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Nice...although I'm sure the only use for aluminum wheels would be on the Grizzly. ;)

Nice work.

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