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Have a trip to New England planned and the idea was to spend about 6 hours at Lake Compounce, which I visited 4 years ago. Can't wait to ride Boulder Dash again. On second thought, however, I thought it might be nice to work Quassy, which I've never visited, into this visit. Here's the situation: my train from Philly is scheduled to arrive in Hartford at 2:19 pm (possibly a conservative estimate insofar as it arrived an hour later than that when I went to SFNE last month). Is it realistic to try to fit Quassy and Lake Compounce into a 6-hour time frame? From what I can see, the only thing I'd really be interested in riding at Quassy is Wooden Warrior. (Would be nice to get a coaster credit.) So will 2 hours be enough for Quassy? I'm under some time constraints, as I'm taking the train back to Philly at 3:20 pm the next day, plus upon arriving at Hartford I have to allow time to check into my hotel before heading to Quassy or Lake Compounce. (Have to drop off luggage b/c I don't plan to rent a car but rather rely on Uber.) One thing isn't clear from Quassy's website: I see that an all-day pass at the senior rate can be purchased for $24.99 but it also says that ride tickets can be purchased for $2.50. Does that mean that I can skip the admission fee and pay strictly by the ride as at Knoebels or Luna Park?


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An hour is enough time for Quassy. You can just buy enough tickets for the coaster and head on your way.

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I found Wooden Warrior to be such a gem that we rode it at least 10 times. It's a tiny park though, so depending on what you want to do... There's at least one other ride that I'd never seen before called Frantic. Think miniature MaxAir, or Delerium, that rotates the full 360 degrees instead of pendulum action to 120 each side. (Found a video: )

I'd say don't try to rush 2 parks in such a short time, or you'll end up ruining both due to the time pressure.

Shame about the LC Sky Ride though. On the bright side, it'll save you 30 minutes at that park.

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