Need a little help renewing my DP pass

I am filling out the form to renew my season pass at Dorney Park and I am going to do the Photo ID Express option, but I am confused when filling out the order form...

It asks number of passes being purchased, number of Maxx Passes, and then Season Pass Photo ID handling charge.

Now it says it is $4 at each different address for this handling charge, but since it is coming to only one address, do I mark it down?

It says:

Season Pass Photo ID Express Handling Charge
(Number of different addresses) = ___ at $4 each different address.

Any help? ;)

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I believe you would put the 1 in that blank and have to pay the $4 charge but I'm not 100% sure on that as I'm not able to participate in the express program so I didn't fill out that form.

You can e-mail them at to find out. *** Edited 10/25/2006 4:09:10 AM UTC by YoshiFan***

It is $4 per address no matter how many you order. Thus if have 5 passes going to one place it is only $4. IF you have 4 passes going to two different addresses then it is $8... and so on
Thanks!! I thought it worked that way but wanted to make sure.
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I would think you would want to ask the park, not us. They are the ones that are going to charge you.

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