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Thursday, May 30, 2002 5:23 PM

Good with your hands? Just big and strong? Own a nailgun and an impact wrench? Don't mind being ordered around by a 21 year old?

As may or may not be an open secret, I'm building a little coaster for a vacation bible school. Actualy i'm building a coaster and a half, as it gets built in one loation as a launcher test and once as the full thing.

Anyway our building blitz days are next saturday and sunday, (the 8th and 9th) in Wadsworth, OH, and also June 29th and 30th in Green, Ohio. We should have enough labor just pulling from the two parishes, but I thought i'd throw this up in case ayone wants to come help/watch/make fun of me.

Especially useful: people with construction experience (convince me you have experience with load-bearing structures. At least built a deck, shed, bridge or something), people with nail guns (we'll have 32-34 degree .131x3.5 inch clipped head strip, can buy some if your gun is different), people with air compressors(that can run air tools), people with impact wrenches or other air ratchets, and people with chop saws.

Also needed are artists and painters. Materials provided, but bring some brushes if you prefer yours. The trains are getting painted probably with an enamel, and the track probably with latex. If you've got a sprayer bring it.

Don't have any of that? You're still welcome to come haul stuff or just gawk.

We'll probably be providing food or at least snacks.

Reply in the thread if you're interested or want more info. It won't be running either day.


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Thursday, May 30, 2002 5:53 PM
Do models of decks, sheds and bridges count? LOL. I'd love to help, though next weekend won't work. Either of the last 2 weekends in June may do, but I'm in Columbus so it depends on my schedule. How big will this be? Able to hold riders/ small animals? I can help with the painting and/ or art part of it for sure, but could also help with assembly. Got any pics or drawings of the design you can show for now? Sounds fun!
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Model coasters and rides
Thursday, May 30, 2002 6:09 PM

It'll mostly be painted before bltz two, but i'm sure there will be more to do. Modelling experience is great, many times models are built with more care than the travesties that pass for housing these days. What's happening is we're building it in a scaled down version at my home parish, because it's a residential area and we've had some problems in the past with our props and neighborhood skateboarder types, and the temptation to try to skateboard a roller coaster (and subsequently die and have family sue and yatta yatta) seems large. SO it's just mainly a systems test there. 50 feet of straight launch track, one bunny hop about six feet high, and then 50 feet of catch/reverse track. All straight. This is what is being built on the 8th and nineth.

The last two days on june that all moves down to green, but the site there is much more remote, with more space, but the traffic pattern for straight doesn't work, so it launches, up a hill (14 feet, the top of the hill will be obscured by a smoke machine if the wind co-operates), then a curving drop, something (haven't quite decided yet, would like a trick bank to the left but 4 year olds have to be able to ride), banked turn, hop, through the first hill and then the 50 foot catch/reverse section. Yes, it's a launched wooden shuttle. Themed to Elijah's Chariot. Three cars carry 12 adults or 24 little ones. Track wll be white, the first car will be horses, the second flames and the third the chariot.

I'll be working on it days other than blitz day. Actually 'll be working on it probably every day from now until the 14th of july, but our big days are those four.


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