NBC-U, Fox sued for use of Simpsons music on theme park ride

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Last week, the American Federation of Musicians sued 20th Century Fox and NBC Universal over music from The Simpsons. Specifically, the union is objecting to a Simpsons roller coaster attraction at Universal Studios Theme Park in Hollywood that has been featuring the recorded music soundtrack from the show. The plaintiff union filed the lawsuit in California federal court, alleging that Universal obtained the recording without providing any notice.

Read more from The Hollywood Reporter.

"Roller Coaster?"

Isn't this a simulator ala Florida? If it's a coaster I musta missed something somewhere.

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I'm pretty sure the Hollywood Reporter wouldn't know the difference.

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I don't know the logistics of this, but doesn't Universal have this already licensed for Orlando for the Simpsons ride? Would they need to get licensing for a second ride? Just curious.

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For the same reason you have different software licenses for each of your computers.

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I wouldn't get caught up in the details about the "reporting" around this "roller coaster."

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To be fair (OK, way beyond fair) - the Simpsons simulator attraction at USF does feature a roller coaster in the movie...

It's a stretch, but I'm just trying to piece together the bird's-nest of factual errors into a cohesive story... :~)

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