NBC developing amusement park comedy

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NBC is developing a comedy series from the minds behind “Parks and Recreation” and “30 Rock.” Mike Schur and Matt Hubbard have come together to develop “Action Land,” Variety has learned exclusively. The comedy landed at NBC with a put pilot commitment.

Read more from Variety.

Ooh! I wanna be in it!

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This could be amazing. I'm looking forward to it!

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I'll call it now. Enthusiasts will HATE this and nitpick every episode, and complain if someone hit the blue button to release the lap bars because everyone knows on Intamin rides they use a yellow button for this!!! Outrage!!!


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They should just film some enthusiast events and save the casting costs.

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That would most certainly not be good television.

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It'd be better than half the **** that's out there now...

I can't say ****? Okay. Crap.

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"My Parents Picked My Coaster"?
"Say Yes to the Vest"?
"My 600 Pound Buffet"?
"Park Map Hoarders: Buried Alive"?
"Top Thrill Drag Race?"
"Extreme Makeover: RMC Edition?"
"The Real Enthusiasts of Erie County"?
"Life Without FastLane?"

"Pimp My Ride?"(taken)
"The Hills"? (also taken)

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So it's supposed to take place in Arizona, so if that's the case and they use a warm climate park to film as a backdrop, I would guess that they will film the exterior shots at either a small California park like castle park or even as far as castles and coasters.

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RCMAC said:

"The Real Enthusiasts of Erie County"?

I actually mocked this up as a possible Coastermania video entry:

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Pimp My Coaster

Arrow (to fast lane)

Project Run When the Rope Drops

Park Food Rescue

House of Coaster Parts aka How to build Ghostrider in your basement

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