National Geographic Holiday World episode

I'm surprised I hadn't seen anything about this on here yet.

Wonderful episode, it showcased the character of both the town of Santa Claus and the park pretty well. I thought it was cool to see what the inside of a swing ride looked like. Wasn't expecting that.

It was also pretty cool getting a nice demonstration of the LIM system on Wildebeast. I know Will told us all "It's Magic!" It actually levitates the raft an inch or so, pretty cool. Maybe those Hoverboards in Back to the Future II weren't so far fetched.

Voyage repair was also cool, particularly the whole "get me the tire jack out of the rental car" part of the fix. New angle: Voyage - the coaster that's so long we couldn't fit it all on TV! Notice how the ride seemingly went right from the mid course brakes to the final brakes.

So was the host from the TV show really as involved and hands on in the Wildebeast construction as the show made it appear?

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I thought there was another thread on this, but I can't find it.

I forgot to set my DVR, but just found that it will re-air on NatGeoHD next Thursday at 3pm CST.

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.

David -- Yes, the host (Sean Riley) really did do all the stuff it showed him doing on the show.

We'd arranged with ProSlide to have a few dramatic tasks for Riley to perform while on-site last November.

Glad you enjoyed the show! Paula

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Have you found anywhere online yet where this full episode can be viewed? I haven't checked ondemand yet to see if it's there. Let us know! Thanks :)

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I have my DVR set to record the rerun of it.

Was a cool show... I caught it surprisingly and it was interesting. I really liked the segment on them repairing a "pothole" on the Voyage.

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