NASA's Ares I roller coaster scrapped. New, bigger, design approved as replacement

Howdy. Found this site on google as it's funny how some people don't know the roller coaster you have in some threads here on the NASA roller coaster for Ares I at KSC, has been changed.

Basically, published an exclusive on the first version a year ago here: and some other media like Popsi and USA Today used that NSF story.

Then, just the other week, released that news and other media published it as new news. But it's not ;)

It's changed again after the 5G pullout was scrapped.

"The Rollercoaster Emergency Escape System (EES) will now be a fixed, permanent structure at launch pad 39B, after undergoing a redesign to reduce the G-Forces on personnel escaping the pad.

"A brainstorming meeting between NASA, the contractor RS&H, and Disney concluded with a new design to the coaster, approved ahead of the start of construction next year.

"The previous concept, exclusively revealed by over a year ago, has only just recently started to gain media attention from some of the other space news sites after released an image and a short write up last week. However, that design, which was produced on September, 2006, has now been scrapped. "

Rest of the story on that link.

(The link Jeff posts below is to the now-scrapped version!). *** Edited 10/13/2007 3:39:19 PM UTC by NASA Coaster1***

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