name coaster in PIC

I love these 'motivational posters'. Click on the link, about 1/3 way down the page is one called fear with people on a Coaster.

Can anybody name the coaster? I can't, just think it would be fun to see if anyone can! *** Edited 7/4/2008 4:05:58 AM UTC by Gary B***

gary b
Psyclone at SFMM, I believe.

I can has signature?

This same image came up some months back. I said then I thought it was Carowinds' Thunder Road, but I was wrong - it looks like Texas Giant and I think that's what everyone agreed it was. It can't be Psyclone, those are PTC cars. Psyclone had B&Ms.
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Definitely NOT Psyclone. Those are PTC trains; Psyclone ran B&Ms.

I recall this coming up before too and I found a potential match: Dania Beach Hurricane, which runs blue PTCs with headrests. But I don't remember what the final answer was.

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I am thinking thats an ex-Paramount ride like Hurler since the coaster itself is unpainted wood, it uses an early PTC Ratchet bar which Paramount used and modified.

Im not 100% sure though.. Rideman would be a better person to ask.

The front of the car looks white. The sides are blue, but not Hurler blue. The headrests do look Paramountish, though.

I'm going with Texas Cyclone, or Texas Giant.

When this came up last time, it was determined it is Texas Giant.

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