NAD Century Flyer Trains?

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I was wondering if Camden Park's Big Dipper is the only coaster still using NAD Century Flyer Trains?
I loved the Blue Streak with the NAD trains and t he Big Dipper isn't bad (but far from as good as the Blue Streak...)

Here's a photo of the Big Dipper

Here's a photo of the Blue Streak

anyway... looking for more coasters using NAD trains...


The kiddie coaster at Rye. My fav stat on RCDB...constructed for a cost of $2,537.

I'm not sure if they are true "Century Flyers" but definitely chrome NAD.

While Big Dipper from Geuaga resemble greatly NAD trains. Im told they are not.........Also Conneaut Lake has two NAD trains and one Vettel trains for their Blue Streak. Little Americka has the two Lincolin Park Comet trains restored although I don't know where their location is or what their plans are for them. Kennywoods Thunderbolt has three :)Chuck

I thought Geauga's Big Dipper trains were PTCs.

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Big Dipper's trains were certainly not PTCs. They very closely resembled NAD trains, but some sources indicate they were built in-house. I'm not sure what was there in the early part of the century, but I don't think that coaster ever had PTC trains.

Oh, okay. My bad.

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The High Roller has a later version of the Century Flyer.

I think Geauga Lake's maintenance department built the Dipper's trains based on the NAD trains that used to run on the ride. Not sure if they are exact replicas... or were exact replicas.

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