Mystic River Falls at SDC

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Anyone else watch the POV of the new rapids ride at Silver Dollar City? I'm not sure what to make of it. The boats seem to pitch quite a bit in the water, but not much splash comes over the sides. It has a crazy rotating elevator lift and a very long drop.

I have not been on tons of rapids rides, but I thought many use outside water elements (waterfalls, water spouts) to get riders wet?

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It looks pretty crazy! Not least because, as a Brit, since the death at Drayton Manor we've seen these rides closed or neutered to the point where it's basically a raft in a channel (no waterfalls, wave machines, fountains etc).

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It looks like it will be much wetter with a couple thousands pounds of bodies loaded in those boats.

This looks like it could beat out Popeye & Bluto at Islands of Adventure for wettest (and most fun) rapids ride.

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The pace of the rafts picks up so much at times that it almost seems like the video has gone into fast-forward.

Looks like a lot of fun, and I now remember seeing some concept art for this awhile back; to be honest I had totally forgotten about it until now. It would appear they crammed an amazing amount of ride into a relatively small footprint.

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