Mystery revealed tonight at CP - 10:10pm

According to their main page, the "mystery" will finally be revealed 10:10 tonight. This was posted on the Facebook page as well.

Pretty interesting. I am sure nothing big, maybe a fall firework show on 10/10 (sunday) or some type of end-of-season discounts?

I guess we will find out tonight. Anybody have any clue?

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Wave Swinger is going to be moved the the front of the park, and re-named "Kids Seeker" :)

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^I like that! Other than the fact that it sounds kind of like a pedophile...

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

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"Kid's Seeker" may be too scary for some children. :)

It's strange that the time of the announcement is 10:10. I wonder if there is a reason for that? Perhaps it will be a new area themed to the new Spielberg movie, The Adventures of Tin Tin : The Secret of the Unicorn, coming Winter of 2011? ;)

You know, I wonder... Mean Streak "Texas Giant" overhaul?

I noticed this from Pointbuzz:

"Mean Streak's 2010 season has ended. A fire damaged a small section of the ride, but Cedar Point had planned to shut it down by this weekend, anyway, for maintenance."

Since when did Mean Streak ever close early for end of season maintenance?

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It usually never did, and the line was always pretty full during Halloweekend saturday's. But, I doubt this 10-10 crap is about mean streak. I mean honestly CP is getting a big giant swing really high in the air for next year, do they really need anymore thrills than that?

Never does hurt :)

I figure it is probably a $10 ticket on 10/10 or something along those lines, though.

Yeah, I'll be there on 10-10, but with my Platinum pass what does a $10 discount do to help me?


Nothing :)


It is for some contest to win free tickets or something. Back to football for me now.

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