Mystery Part on B&M Lifts?

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 5:38 PM
I've seen this mechanical/electrical combo piece on many of the recent B&M coasters and have no clue what it is for. Might it be a means to ground the train and dissipate its static build-up? Or maybe it is a sensor to detect that both the chain and safety dogs are in the proper position? Perhaps someone with more knowledge on the subject can enlighten me.

The Mystery Part

(piece can be seen to the right of the pinch wheels...or directly below the "Back to statistics" link)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 9:44 PM
My guess is that it's just something to count links (and therefore speed) or the direction of the chain. Pure guess.
Wednesday, October 20, 2004 4:28 AM
My guess, and this is probably not that when the train passes it, the chain knows to pick up the pace to "lift speed."

Is that piece even above the chain? It looks like the angle of that piece is skewed...if you compare it to the angle of the lift.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 7:36 AM
This is something different than what you're talking about, but I've noticed on Raptor at the very bottom of the lift there is some kind of counter wieght. It goes down when the train is at the bottom and as it reaches the top it goes back down. I'm guessing this is to keep the weight on the chain equal to keep less stress on the motor.

Edit: Looking at the picture again it is the what appears to be a counter weight. *** Edited 10/20/2004 11:37:40 AM UTC by gomez***

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 8:40 AM
The part you're wondering about looks like the chain lube assembly. I'd need a better pic from above the track.
Wednesday, October 20, 2004 9:23 AM
That would even make more sense!
Wednesday, October 20, 2004 9:47 AM
Definatly a chain lubricator. I'm surprised the sensor for the chain lift's speed isn't attatched to it. *** Edited 10/20/2004 10:54:54 PM UTC by OrientExpressKid***
Wednesday, October 20, 2004 6:50 PM
With a name like LustyLil, prepare to be "SexyNina'ed"

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 6:53 PM
Danny's Crystal Ball says LustyLil is a guy/another identity for a male poster here. ;)

+Danny, won't be the first time I'm wrong though *** Edited 10/20/2004 11:01:30 PM UTC by +Danny***

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 7:40 PM
You may recall that "Lusty Lil" was the name of one of the Cedar Point venues, so it's less about attention whoring and more about the name of the former venue.

Unless it's about attention whoring. :) Besides, SexyNina posted a profile photo which apparently led to much jail-bait stalking.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 8:15 PM
.. not from this crowd Jeff... ;)
Wednesday, October 20, 2004 9:54 PM
What has happened to Coasterbuzz?? ;)
Wednesday, October 20, 2004 10:07 PM
"" ;)

I can't get "hijacked off" out of my head, so I'm putting it here until I find a good use for it. Sorry I can't be more reproductive in this thread.

Staying on topic, I think Moosh's mystery part needs a lift.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004 10:41 PM
Jeff hijacked a topic? Who 'da' thought? :)
Wednesday, October 20, 2004 11:34 PM
^^ It's already got a lift. The question is whether or not it needs to be greased ;)

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