Myrtle Beach theme park plans scrapped

Posted Tuesday, May 22, 2001 4:25 AM | Contributed by supermandl

Developers and planning officials have determined that the population surrounding Myrtle Beach would not be adequate for the support of a major theme park. Consultants instead recommend a combination of retail, residential and parking structures for the Pavilion Amusement Park property.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2001 7:30 AM
Is something hapening the Pavilion? I thought they would be there for awhile considering that fact that they just built amajoe new rollercoaster last year.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2001 8:50 AM
I agree that it would be dumb to move the whole thing. It's been many years since I've been to the Pavillion, but I can't imagine Mrytle Beach without it.
Tuesday, May 22, 2001 9:23 AM
It really wouln't be the same. The best part about the Pavilion is that it's on the beach. Take that away and it's just a cheesy little park.
As my mom always says, "Use a coaster!"
Tuesday, May 22, 2001 10:01 AM
They need to do something, I go often to ride the Hurricane, it doesn't bother me that I know when I go, it's just to ride the Hurricane, it stems from when we go (this and last season) some days, you look at the ride and you wonder if anyone ever takes care of it. Or don't they realize what they have? I went two weeks ago, and it was in bad shape for a year old ride of that caliber, and in two weeks or this week when I go, it'll all be taken care of. There haven't been happy ride ops this season, and almost every time they cram my lap bar down tight........
Tuesday, May 22, 2001 12:08 PM
Hmm... someone beat me to posting this. I never see full trains on coasters there in photos, and when I was there a few years ago it wasn't very crowded. Tons of people visit, but it doesn't seem like a large majority are interested in the park. On a side note, how are Hurricane and Swamp Fox?
Tuesday, May 22, 2001 1:10 PM
Very few seaside coasters like this get very many riders. I went to Belmont Park last year and it was packed, yet I rode the GD 4 times in a row all by myself. I don't know why all these seaside coasters aren't very popular.
Tuesday, May 22, 2001 1:13 PM
I'd love to see Myrtle beach get a great park but the Pavillion should stay
Tuesday, May 22, 2001 3:15 PM
The owners wanted to close the Pavillion and wanted to move all the rides into a large theme park with more major coasters.
Same owners, different spot. A heck of a lot more rides.
Tuesday, May 22, 2001 3:27 PM
I thought Myrtle Beach did good in the tourist business. I'm from Branson, population now 6,600. We have Silver Dollar City, and the SDC attracts over two million visitors each year. So, why couldn't Myrtle Beach?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2001 4:53 PM
I personally think you don't get much ridershipp at seaside parks because so many of them charge quite a bit for just a single ride. I was recently at Belmont Park and it was $3.50 a pop for GD!! They used to have "family night" and you could ride for .75cents. I rode so many times then that I felt ill!!! I know that some seaside parks have wristbands (Morey's comes to mind) but I guess it's easier to swallow if you are paying a flat rate for a "theme park" or buying a season pass.

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