Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Does anybody know what will happen to the roller coaster and the other rides at the MB PAvilion after it closes at the end of the season?

gary b
Nothing has been said that I know of. Burrows and Chapin haven't even announced definate plans on what will replace the Pavilion. There may be a decent chance that, that property may remain idle until they know exactly what is going in there. One idea I overheard while I was down there was something about possibly incorperating the rides into a mall type deal (think small Mall of America). IMHO, I don't really see that happening, but I have been wrong many times in the past.

Sidebar: I will miss cruising on Ocean Blvd without the park being there. That is where all the action mainly was. Next year won't be the same cruising the strip without hearing the roar of Hurricane or the screams from the riders (screams of pain?).


Weight lost to ride more coasters......90lbs
Agreed. I lived in MB for a summer and worked there. It will be really wrong, even though I never thought too much of the park itself. The visuals of it all are great. Unfortunately, I think MB is trying to make itself over into a family fun tourist hell instead of the teenage/adult tourist hell I know and love. Changing the very face of the strip is a nice start towards that end.
It's just another example of what's been going on at shore communities for the past few years, maybe even longer. Developers want to sell condos to people that have an attachment to the place but end up removing the special things that drew people there in the first place.
We visited last month, and it's a shame the place will be closing. The Hurricane is not going to be saved, because who would want that (the shuffling was pretty bad, and the ride itself wasn't anything special). The Mad Mouse was the best coaster in the park for me, and I hope that gets saved (I know I've said it before, but the Mad Mouse would be a good investment for a park like Holiday World or Knoebels... it would fit the personalities of the kind of park well).

It has some flat rides and two dark rides that are real gems (Calypso, Wipeout, Rainbow, etc). The park also has a few other rides (log flume, antique car, rapids ride) that I hope can be saved or find a new home. The park seemed really nice, and had a lot of charm you don't find in the other two Myrtle Beach parks.

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