Myrtle Beach - Swamp Fox and The Hurricane

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Technically the closest parks to my house, Family Kingdom and The Pavilion aren't usually on my to-do list, but my cousin wanted to go ride the coasters. We decided to just buy single tickets because wrist bands are a waste of cash.

Swamp Fox - Running rougher than last year, I wasn't overly excited about our ride. We rode near the back and got some decent air, however I think the park has been slacking this year on the upkeep. The red train looked very nice and was running. The Swamp Fox is a classic and fun ride, but not worth a five buck charge everytime I'm at the beach. My cousin also wanted to ride the little drop ride, which was pretty lame except for the shoot up part because I didn't realize it did this.

The Hurricane - Always impressive from the road, The Hurricane was looking as good as ever when we pulled up. Last time I rode (last summer I believe), the ride was running horribly. Luckily it was better this year, but nothing compared to its opening weeks. The ride was running one train and both were very dingy and worn looking. The ride was smoother in the helixes but the train shook quite violently at the bottom of the first two drops. Some retracking here would help. I also thought the ride was running slower than normal, but that may not be the case. Whether or not the MBP is going or not, I don't know, however it is a park that I've grown up going to and I would hate to see it go. They seem to be losing lots of rides (Chaos, Starship 2000) but I did see Rainbow running this year. At least Hurricane is rideable again.

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I was at Myrtle beach last week and although i did ride the little eagle with my 2 year-old cousin (her first coaster), i didn't ride the Hurricane. I did notice that the rainbow was running the 1-5, but it wasn't running the 6th (not sure about the dates).

I did ride the swamp fox for the first time in about 3 years and i also thought it was running rather rough.

When did they lose the Chaos?
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Looks like all the Chaos rides are going away and fast, at least that's what I have been hearing. :-(

Hopefully I am wrong. ;-)


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I believe Chaos was lost before last season and Starship 2000 before this season.

I agree about the Chaos's going away, it's a damn shame because I love the ride. Not to be overly dramatic, but it may have been best that the Pavilion's went. The last time I rode it, the ride made these horrible noises and literally shook. This is not supposed to happen. At least Hershey, SFNE, Cedar Point, and a few others still have them.

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From what I heard CP has dismantled their Chaos. Is this true?


Cedar Point fitted theirs this year with manual releases on each car, -maybe as a safety measure? Hassle for the ride ops, tho, esp on a slow day when there's only 1 op.

Haven't been lately to know if it's still there.


Cedar Point The Amazement Park

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