My VOYAGE to Holiday World!

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Took a trip down to Holiday World this past weekend to go ride what everybody has been calling a masterpiece of wooden coasters, the Voyage. I have been to HW before but this was a few years back and never had a chance to come back until now...

We got into the park for $25 a piece, but not before my heart sank... Upon entering we saw under the rides that will not open today, was listed, the Voyage. I almost died in disbelief, but saw next to it that it would open late. Now I trust HW but I was scarred and expected the worst. Regardless, we went right to Thanksgiving.

Maintenance was in the station playing around so we rode the Turkey Whirl and had a blast. Then off to the Gobbler Getway for a little marathon of 4-5 rides. One of my favorite dark rides! My highest score was 1340 I believe, just shy of the top score, but I won everytime :);)

By this time over at the Voyage they were playing with the transfer table and slowly sending out trains. We got in line then (second group) because there was SOME action at least. A few minutes later full-out testing was underway and opened maybe ten minutes after that with two trains. Overall, it opened about an 1-1.5hrs late I believe, not too shabby!

We got on the second train out in the front and well, had quite an experience. You really cannot explain what happens to you along the ride. It went right to one of my top woodies and at least got ten more laps on it throughout the day. From beginning to end it was just, insanity. The only roughness I found that was unpleasant was out of the third 90* turn, other then that it was aggressive, jarring, and I LOVED it. Not really rough at all, just intense. Every time you hit that brake run you just feel drained, and no other ride does that to me! Overall I give it a 9/10 with a point coming off for those trains. At 6'6", you kinda get crunched in there with those PTC lapbars, they have never been comfortable for me. With Millennium Flyer trains, it would of got 11/10 easily however ;)

Other rides throughout the day we rode include Raven and Legend of course, both running excellent. Noticed the immense amounts of re-tracking on Raven along with Legend in all the right places. Legend was running MUCH better then last time I rode, in which it was crawling through the helix and had no craziness like it was doing. Excellent!

We also rode Lewis and Clark, Liberty Launch, and the Flyers. Also indulged in the excellent dinners over in Thanksgiving. The meals there were the best I have had at any park and the prices were just right. I was surprised how good the food was. Very satisfied and left extremely full! I recommend it greatly.

Wait's were not bad at all today, and usually were about the following:

The Voyage - 2 to 3 train waits most of the day, about 5-10 minutes later on running two trains.

The Raven - One train all day, long in the beginning of the day but to 2-3 train waits in the evening.

The Legend - Started with one train and up to two in the evening where the wait became a walk-on to 5 minutes tops.

It was an excellent day to go and although hot, there was plenty of places to keep cool and hydrate! Crowds were fairly light and the park was spotless and the employee's were very friendly and not a single complaint from me. Very impressed and even saw Will and Pat Koch strolling out of Thanksgiving :)

I for sure plan to head back in October for more rides on the Voyage that is for sure. Can't wait to go back!

Yay!! Glad you had a good time!

I'd rather be riding Roller Coasters....or baking.

Great post Steve.

I've heard much about HW and plan on making the trip over there either this yr or in '08 at the latest.

Happy 20th Anniversary Magnum XL-200. The Original Hypercoaster.

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