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Saturday, May 19, 2001 11:03 AM
May 11th(Mother's Day):Mad Mouse was running very good using only one trim brake and ran about the same on all three day I was there! Wild Thing and High Roller both were braked EXTREMELY hard with ZERO airtime the worst ever!!! Parking went up from $5.00 to $7.00(Thank God I have a parking pass but the GP is getting SCREWED)Pronto pups are $2.85 and Cheese on a stick are $3.25(OUCH!!!)I alway asked for water since they haven't started screwing people over on that yet! Small french fries went up from $2.95 last year to $3.25! :-( Power Tower was running good especially the blue side(Spac Shot)This park is going downhill fast! When you complain(nicely) they don't seems to want to do anything about the brakes!

May 18th: Wild Thing was running*****slow as ever until about 4 pm whey they finally did something right for a change! They lighten the last third of the block brake on Wild Thing making it possible to get some good airtime in the front and back seat! Power Tower was running a little weaker that day! But good things do NOT last at Valleyfair as you will see!

May 19th: First two days of visiting the park it was dead to the point that EVERYTHING which was opened(Excalibur & Thunder Canyon are still not opened yet because of flooding but I expect them to be ready by next weekend)was a walk-on! But this day was a little more crowded with 15-20 wait on WIld Thing otherwise WT and HR are extremely heavily braked again with ZERO airtime! I think one of these days both coasters will have a train valleying because of the EXTREME braking!!! :-( Don't waste your time with that park or if you do and VF is pulling the same **** as when I was there make sure you post your bad trip report because VF will never learn unless they get enough complaints from us and the park needs bad publicity since they NEVER want to be as fair and good as Holiday World!!:-( I wouldn't miss this park if they went out of business!! I guess those good rides I have on WT were too good to be true and the ride was only decent not quite running at its full potential even though they were satifactory! I wonder if they will ever run it like that ever again! I don't trust VF's management! I think CF will ruin Shivering Timbers!!!! I think VF is out to screw you!!

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