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My trip was 6/27-6/29 sorry for putting this TR on late I've been really busy. Anyways here it is.

Me and my friend Austin arrived at the park around 3:30 friday afternoon. The crowd wasn't to bad but the line for Superman was stretching out of its queue as usual. Since Superman's line was packed we decided to head over to Raging Bull. On our way there we picked up some fastlanes. We waited about 5 minutes for Bull thianks to fastlane and got on. I've only been on 3 hyper-coasters but Bull was the 2nd best. We rode in the back seat first and the ride was great. I loved the 1st drop and the hills and turns ending the ride. Bull is definatly a great ride. After the first ride we rode it 3 more times and headed off. We headed to Batman next. We use fastlane for it and waited about 15 minutes for it. Batman has greta themeing in the queue areas and the ride ops were pretty fast. Anyways Batman was another great ride. It was kinda short, but still really good. I would have to say the inversions were my favorite part. We rode Batman 1 more time and then went to the neighboring V2. I have ridden Wicked Twister, but compared to V2 its a little tame. I think the back vertical drop is the best feature to the ride, espically when they stall you the second time you go up. I would have to say the middle is the best seat because you get some twist and vertical drop. After we rode that a few times we headed over by Bull to get some fajaitas. We ate dinner and then rode Bull a few more times. Then we headed to Giant Drop, which had about a 10 minute wait. The only thing I can say about it is AIR TIME HEAVEN! It was great. We ended out the day with a few more rides on Bull and left as the park was closing.

On Saturday we arrived at 9:30 and ran strait for Superman. I wish we would have gotten there earlier because there was already a lond line forming outside the queue. We got in the line and at 10:00 they opened the queue. When we were about 10 inutes away from riding they announced that they had to cease operations because of rain. And right after making that announcment it started pouring. The only shelter in the part of the queue were some little overhangs that provide little protection because the tops are made up of the stuff on screen doors. We stood getting drenched for about 20 minutes and then they teated the ride and let people on again.

When I got on Superman I was so excited because I had been waiting all month to ride a flye, and it didn't disapoint. I loved every second of it. Just the pure sensation of flying was enough for me. The back seat is the best feel on the ride. Even though there are other coasters I have ridden that are bigger, and faster I have to make Superman my #1 coaster.

After Superman we and bought 5 fastlanes each. If you want to have fun at SFGAm on a weekend you have to get fastlanes to skip the lines. Almost all the good coasters had over an hour or two wait. So buy fastlanes or be preapred to be bored, wait in long lines all day and only get in a few rides.

We rode Bull a few times again and then went to go check out American Eagle. All I have to say about it is that it is way overated. The first few hills were great air time but the rest was rough and after the helix they didn't even race. After that we rode Iron Wolf which was pretty good compared to other stand-ups I've been on. We rode it a few times and then got lunch and rode Batman and V2 a few more times. Next we headed back around Bull and rode Demon. Demon has great scenery and a pretty good layout. Then we rode Whizzer which in my mind is undoubtedly a kiddy coaster. We then went and rode Viper which was very smooth for a woodie. Then we went and rode Bull, Giant Drop, and Batman a few more times and went to end the day on Superman. We rode it twice and it was never boring and was always great. After that we left and the next day we went home.

SFGAm was the 2nd best park I've been to. The only problem was that Deja Vu was closed and some long lines. The park was very clean and the ride ops were fast and friendly just how I like them to be.

Well that's it for this TR. I'll be posting more sfter I go to CP, SFWoA, and PKI later this month.

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Glad you had a good time.

I dont know why you are calling American Eagle overrated. This coaster doesnt make any top 10 lists and most people give it at best an average rating. I myself like it because I have ridden it since it opened but I know that it doesnt hold a candle to alot of other woodies.

It is however one of the better "big" wooden coasters out there. It puts Mean Streak to shame.

Weekends and SFGAm dont mix with me. I try to avoid the park (especially on Saturdays) like the plague. Its one of Six Flags goldmines and the crowds show on the weekends.

Arena football has arrived in the Windy City. Go "Chicago Rush"

I have to agree with Chitown on the American Eagle response, and it will always hold a place in my heart.

I don't think Whizzer is a kiddy coaster. Sure it might not be as good as other rides, but those heavily banked turns, drop n' twists, and unique trains make it more than a kiddy coaster.

coasterwiz said:
I have to agree with Chitown on the American Eagle response, and it will always hold a place in my heart.

I don't think Whizzer is a kiddy coaster. Sure it might not be as good as other rides, but those heavily banked turns, drop n' twists, and unique trains make it more than a kiddy coaster.

I second the opinion on Whizzer. As a matter of fact, I would call it a great family coaster. It is the one coaster that my family of 5 always rides as a family. My son, who is about 1/2 an inch short of 42" tall, (36" height requirement with adult on Whizzer) really is not into the Whizzer yet. He has ridden it half a dozen times. He does on the other hand enjoy the Roller Skater at SFKK and the road runner @ SFWOA (both what I would class as "kiddie coasters"). Strangely he sometimes does not like to ride Spacely's Sprocket Rockets. Go figure that because it is the same ride as the Roller Skater. He should be 42" by the end of the season, but I don't think he will be willing to ride the Demon or Greezed Lightnin', but we'll see. He'll be four in August - maybe I'll get him to try it by telling him all four year olds who are tall enough ride the Demon at least once! We visited SFKK in early April (GL was not open yet), and so his sisters (7 & 8) have been wanting to ride Greezed Lightnin all season. We'll see when we return later in the year if he will be willing to try it with them (assuming he hits 42" by then). Or I could try the "sorry, you can't ride cause your not tall enough" reverse psycology. When he goes up to the measuring stick at the front of the ride and see's that he's tall enough, he'll automatically want to ride. Boy the length's some parents go to get their kids to ride! LOL

Many others would classify the Whizzer as a great date coaster. I would too on the occasions when just me and my wife visit the park without the kids. I mean what better way to get close than to have your sweetheart sit in your lap on a classic coaster.

Also, I third the motion on the Eagle. It is definitley not an awesome woodie, (you can ride Viper to sample one of those) but I would still classify it as a good to great woodie, that is a lot of fun (expecially backwards).

I agree on all counts. American Eagle is Good not Great. and the Whizzer is not a kiddy coaster. It's a family coaster. Sure, if you put it next to Bull and V2 it's a kiddy coaster but you have to look at it on it's own: A classic family Ride.

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