My So-Cal park excursion.

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Got the opportunity to travel to Anaheim to visit my girlfriend's family and thought this would be a great time to knock out a few parks/coasters I had yet to discover..

July 3rd - Six Flags Magic Mountain
X - 3 hour wait - Great ride, I gave my girlfriend the inside seat and I suffered through the roughness. It was a different kind of rough, more of a front to back rather than the side to side I was used to on Arrow coasters.
Scream - station wait - Nice little ride. Never been on a floorless before, great layout, parking lot scenerey kinda sucks.
Collosus - station wait - Been on this one before, great head choppers, not enough airtime for me.
Goliath - fastpass - waited for back seat, thought there were cool parts, almost blacked out on the helix, I wanted more airtime.
Boat Ride (forgot name) - fastpass - cool how it winds through the hills, hardly got wet on the drop
Tidal Wave - fast pass - I thought this ride was aweful. On Splash Water Falls @ SFGAm, you get soaked in the boat. On this, you hardley get wet!
Raging Rapids (I think that is the name) - fastpass - I thought this was one of the better rapid rides I have been on. I got SOAKED! (Also, this was my ONLY encounter w/ a ride op who was actually having fun doing their job).
Viper - no line - I loved this one (partly cuz it was like night and day comparing this to Shockwave)
Revolution - no line - This is a cool little coaster that winds though the hills, but those OTSH are AWEFUL. Can't they put some lapbars on this thing like the Premier rides have?
Psyclone - station wait - 1 train opperation. I didnt like this one too much, too rough for my taste. It resembles Viper @ SFGAm, but it tries as hard as it can to through you from the train. On my way out I noticed most of the nails for the exit ramp floorboards where 1/2 way out.
RECAP - SFMM is a horribly run park. I got to the park @ 11am and X already had a full que w/ a 3 hour wait. X never ran more than 1 train the whole day keeping the wait near 3 hours. Deja Vu never opened (no biggie here) and around 5pm, Psyclone, Batman, Riddler's Revenge were down to 1 train op (I am guessing more coasters in the park were moving down as well). The park wasn't crowded, but was busy enough to require more than 1 train on each coaster! Line jumpers also run rampant here. We noticed countless people coming up the exit ramp for X. When we brought this to the attention of the X crew, they didnt really care too much.

July 4th - Knott's Berry Farm
Montazuma's Revenge - 10minute wait - LOVE these shuttles, waited for the back seat to refresh my memory of Tidal Wave. Can't wait to get on this again!
Jaguar - 30 minute wait - This is a glorified kiddie coaster. I prob. would have passed this for bigger and better things if it weren't for one of the people we were with wanting to ride this.
Calaco Mine Ride - 5 minute wait - This was kinda boring to me, but it was a break from the heat, wasn't my choice in ride.
Log Ride - 15 minute wait - Cool themeing in the mountain, not too wet on the drop =(
Xcellerator - 20 minute wait - front seat - AWESOME. I loved TTD's little sibling. Great airtime on the top hat in the front.
Hammerhead Stall - 5 minute wait - A ride like TR:TR sans themeing. Thought it was fun, especially the final flip right before unloading.
Bumper Cars - 15 minute wait - Worst bumper cars I have ever been on. They were way too slow to acutally have any effect when bumping.
Ghostrider - 30 minute wait - very good coaster, great at night. Lots of double backs through the structure.
RECAP - KBF has one of the same problems SFMM does -- line jumpers. When in line for Ghorstrider, the security actually caught a group and kicked them out only to have the ride ops let them back on the next train. I confronted one in line for Xcellerator and threatened to have them kicked out of line if i informed a ride op. They quickely moved back to where they started. All in all, KBF does a much much better job at running their park than their neighbor to the north, but it is still no Cedar Point.

July 6th - Disneyland / Disney's California Adventure
Soarin' over California - 10 minute wait - Pretty cool ride, to me seemed like Omnixmax on raised chairs. Liked the wind effects.
Grizzly River Run - station wait - Great Rapids ride - got wet, but not as much as on SFMM's rapids. Loved the drop at the end.
Golden Zephyr - under 5 minute wait - spinny ride that doesnt do much at all but spin around a pole 20 feet in the air really slow, kinda boring, gave a good view of Paradise Pier.
Mulholland Madness - 5 minute wait - first mouse coaster, neat little ride, nothing much to it though - liked the car themeing.
Orange Stinger - under 5 minute wait - swings in a big orange. it plays bee sounds in the orange (i hate bees). Neet themeing on your average swings
Maliboomer - no wait - S&S powershot tower - good air at the top, still dont like the powershots since i went on the combo tower in Six Flags Mexico.
California Screamin' - 10 minute wait - Loved this ride, great airtime, especially in the front seat. Very smooth, no headbanging whatsoever on the super-sized OTSH's.
Sun Wheel - 20 minute wait - Ferris Wheel with a twist - 3 cars load at once, inside cabin is your normal ferris wheel cabin, outside cabins roll on a track that runs from the outside to the middle of the wheel. Cool rocking action when you hit the extreme left or right sides of the wheel. This didnt agree with my girlfriend's uncle as he felt the need to relieve himself through the mouth after this one.
It's Tough to be a Bug - 10 minute wait - 3D movie w/ physical effects. Thought this was pretty cool (especially with the bees that 'sting' you).
Autopia - 20 minute wait - Car ride with a VERY lenghty course. This is my favorite car ride by far, only thing I hated was the teenage 3 cars up intent on controlling the flow of traffic by stopping every 10 feet creating an Autopia traffic jam.
Matterhorn Bobsleds - 20 minute wait - Seeing as this was my first trip to DL, I have never had a chance to ride this historic piece of work. Aside from being kind rough, I thought it was a pretty fun ride.
Mickey's House / Meet Mickey - 45 minute wait - seeing as my girlfriend is addicted to Mickey, this was the most important part of the trip for her. This also happend to be the longest line we waited in. The walk through Mickey's house was fun, got to sit and touch everything in the house.
Roger Rabbits Car Toon Spin - 30 minute wait - Windy dark ride that Disney is famous for. Crew kept sending cars through with nobody in them for whatever reason. Didnt like the fact that the cars spin and my girlfriend thought it would be funny to try to get me sick.
Pinocchio's Daring Journey - 10 minute wait - Another standard Disney dark ride
Indiana Jones Adventure - 30 minute wait - Very cool dark ride, actually made me cringe in a few parts.
RECAP - Disney is by far the best themed (duh), best run park that I have been to here in so-cal. It was kinda interresting that the ride que's were kept full in the outside que, once you got past the ride-op guard, it was a nice stroll through the lengthy indoor que. It was also a bonus that her uncle works for Disney and got us in to both parks for free! At night, got a couple nighttime rides in on CS as well as the parade of lights.

Onceler, missed you by one day :) Amazing that you had a three hour wait. on X. Thank God we went on Friday instead. I'm guessing you went on the left side of X. That side can be brutal!

Bid my blood to run, before I come undone...

I went on the side where you have to go under the station to enter the que. I am going back tomarrow for another go @ X and to try to catch up on a couple missed coasters.

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